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Hohou's Home - A Star Is Born
White Herb
A Star Is Born
submitted by FroakieMan

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Species: Staraptor [View Kalosdex]
We have determined that this Pokemon's Role
is best defined as a Physical Sweeper

Item: White Herb
White HerbHeld in battle : At the end of each turn, if any of the holder's stats have a negative stat modifier, the holder consumes this item to remove the modifiers from those stats.

Trait: Intimidate
Lowers opponents' Attack one stage upon entering battle.

EVs: 46 Atk / 233 Def / 231 Spd /

Naughty Nature (+Atk , -SDef)

Close Combat Close Combat
Type: Fighting
Power:120 | PP: 5
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Physical
Brave BirdBrave Bird
Type: Poison
Power:120 | PP: 15
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Physical

Return Return
Type: Normal
Power:0 | PP: 20
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Physical
A full-power attack that grows more powerful the more the user likes its Trainer.

U-turn U-turn
Type: Bug
Power:70 | PP: 20
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Physical
After making its attack, the user rushes back to switch places with a party Pokemon in waiting.
Sky AttackSky Attack
Type: Poison
Power:140 | PP: 5
Accuracy: 90%
Effect: Physical

Substitute Substitute
Type: Normal
Power:0 | PP: 10
Accuracy: -
Effect: Status
The user makes a copy of itself using some of its HP. The copy serves as the user's decoy.

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This is a good moveset for staraptor (Pokemon #398) with the intimidate ability/trait, a Naughty nature, and equipped with White Herb submitted by FroakieMan. For use in competitive Pokemon battles featuring an Export option and breeding guide.
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