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Hohou's Home - Phantom Arceus
Spooky Plate
Phantom Arceus
submitted by PsychoHail

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Species: Arceus (Ghost) [View Kalosdex]
We have determined that this Pokemon's Role
is best defined as a Physical Sweeper

Item: Spooky Plate
Spooky PlateHeld: Increases the power of the holder's Ghost moves by 20%. Held by a Multitype Pokémon: Holder's type becomes Ghost.

Trait: Multitype
Changes Arceus's type and form to match its held Plate.

EVs: 4 Hp / 252 Atk / 252 Spd /

Adamant Nature (+Atk , -SAtk)

Swords Dance Swords Dance
Type: Normal
Power:0 | PP: 20
Accuracy: -
Effect: Status

Shadow Claw Shadow Claw
Type: Ghost
Power:70 | PP: 15
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Physical

Brick Break Brick Break
Type: Fighting
Power:75 | PP: 15
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Physical

Extreme Speed Extreme Speed
Type: Normal
Power:80 | PP: 5
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Physical
Type: Fighting
Power:0 | PP: 10
Accuracy: -
Effect: Status
A self-healing move. The user restores its own HP by up to half of its max HP.

Select:Damage Taken for Selected Generation:


Swords Dance Boosts it's already good attack to nice levels.

Brick Break hits Steel-, Dark- and Normal-types super effectively all whom resist Shadow Force.
Does give perfect coverage along with Shadow Force.

Shadow Claw was the only option I could select here but Shadow Force is an awesome Ghost type move that only Arceus (by event) and Giratina can learn it so it's pretty awesome, STAB.

ExtremeSpeed allows Arceus to hit faster revengekillers, Recover lets Arceus get up more Swords Dances and is good for staying healthy overall.

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This is a good moveset for arceus (Pokemon #493) with the multitype ability/trait, a Adamant nature, and equipped with Spooky Plate submitted by PsychoHail. For use in competitive Pokemon battles featuring an Export option and breeding guide.
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