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Hohou's Home - Free Rest Goodra
Wise Glasses
Free Rest Goodra
submitted by HyperBeam

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Species: Goodra [View Kalosdex]
We have determined that this Pokemon's Role
is best defined as a Special Tank

Item: Wise Glasses
Wise GlassesHeld: Increases the power of the holder's special moves by 10%.

Trait: Hydration
Cures any major status ailment after each turn during rain.

EVs: 4 Hp / 252 SAtk / 252 SDef /

Sassy Nature (+SDef , -Spd)

Rain Dance Rain Dance
Type: Water
Power:0 | PP: 5
Accuracy: -
Effect: Status

Rest Rest
Type: Psychic
Power:0 | PP: 10
Accuracy: -
Effect: Status
The user goes to sleep for two turns. It fully restores the user's HP and heals any status problem.

Thunder Thunder
Type: Electric
Power:110 | PP: 10
Accuracy: 70%
Effect: Special
A wicked thunderbolt is dropped on the foe to inflict damage. It may also leave the target paralyzed.

Dragon Pulse Dragon Pulse
Type: Dragon
Power:85 | PP: 10
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Special

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Set up rain dance and then go to town with perfect accuracy thunders or sleep-free rests.

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This is a good moveset for goodra (Pokemon #706) with the hydration ability/trait, a Sassy nature, and equipped with Wise Glasses submitted by HyperBeam. For use in competitive Pokemon battles featuring an Export option and breeding guide.
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