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What are Hohou Points?

Hohou Points are points given out to member of the website for various deeds, triumphs, and achievements throughout the site. By default, every Trainer is given 100 Hohou Points when they register.

These points may later be redeemed or spent in current and upcoming Hohou-sponsered Android and iPhone games to unlock items or features. (Apps coming soon)

Also the TOP FIVE members with the highest amount of Hohou Points are listed throughout the site for all to behold.

How do I get them?
+100Submit your first build.
+150Submit 5 builds. This will also unlock the "Same Author" box on the side of your builds
+250Submit 10 builds.
+10xRecieve 100pts for every build submitted
+100xRecieve 100pts for every achievement unlocked
+???Admins may also randomly reward members for various reasons with points.

Note: Every build vote is tracked by IP so making multiple accounts to boost or vote for yourself will not work. Members caught doing so will have their points taken away.

How will I know?

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You will see a message similar to this informing you of how many points you've gained and why!

While your logged in you can check your points which are listed in the top right corner of your trainer page / PC.

How many do I have right now?

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