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Kalos Pokedex is currently under development


Cute-charm: Whenever a move makes contact with this Pokémon, the move's user has a 30% chance of being infatuated. Overworld: If the first Pokémon in the party has this ability, any wild Pokémon whose species can be either gender has a 2/3 chance of being set to the opposite gender, and a 1/3 chance of having a random gender as usual.
Magic-guard: This Pokémon is immune to damage not directly caused by a move. For example, this Pokémon takes no damage from from weather, recoil, status ailments, or Spikes, but it still suffers from the Attack cut when burned, and a Life Orb will still power up this Pokémon's moves without damaging it. Anything that directly depends on such damage will also not happen; for example, Leech Seed will neither hu

Unaware: This Pokémon ignores other Pokémon's stat modifiers for the purposes of damage and accuracy calculation. Effectively, this affects modifiers of every stat except Speed. The power of Punishment and Stored Power is calculated as usual. When this Pokémon hurts itself in confusion, its stat modifiers affect damage as usual.

    • 95
    • 70
    • 73
    • 95
    • 90
    • 60
  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Sp.ATK
  • Sp.DEF
  • SPD
  • 280
  • 210
  • 140
  • 70
  • 0

Base Stats for this Pokemon

Gender Ratio:
25% Male / 75% Female

Height: 1.3 m
Weight: 40 kg

The base power of
Grass Knot / Low Kick
versus this Pokemon is 40

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