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Kalos Pokedex is currently under development



Pickup: At the end of each turn, if another Pokémon consumed or Flung a held item that turn, this Pokémon picks up the item if it is not already holding one. After each battle, this Pokémon has a 10% chance of picking up an item if it is not already holding one. The Air Balloon and Eject Button cannot be picked up. The items that may be found vary by game, and, since Pokémon Emerald, by the Pokémon's level. This ability is checked after the battle ends, at which point any tempora
Frisk: When this Pokémon enters battle, it reveals an opposing Pokémon's held item to all participating trainers. In a double battle, if one opponent has an item, this Pokémon will Frisk that Pokémon; if both have an item, it will Frisk one at random.

Insomnia: This Pokémon cannot be asleep. This causes Rest to fail altogether. If a Pokémon is asleep and acquires this ability, it will immediately wake up; this includes when regaining a lost ability upon leaving battle. This ability functions identically to Vital Spirit in battle.

    • 44
    • 66
    • 70
    • 44
    • 55
    • 56
  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Sp.ATK
  • Sp.DEF
  • SPD
  • 280
  • 210
  • 140
  • 70
  • 0

Base Stats for this Pokemon

Gender Ratio:
50% Male / 50% Female

Height: 0.3 m
Weight: 3.5 kg

The base power of
Grass Knot / Low Kick
versus this Pokemon is 20

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