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Our Goal:
Our goal is to be the biggest collection of Competitive Pokemon strategies, tools, combos, and movesets you'll find anywhere on the internet! It's our goal to help Pokemon Trainers find great competitive movesets for ALL Pokemon including the most overlooked and underrated of them, meaning you will find many hidden gems within our pages! We try to discover and showcase the latest trending strategies usable in the current metagame along with the vast selection of viable strategies used from past generations.

What we Offer:
Use our tools to optimize your teams and unlock their fullest potential! Find their weaknesses, resistances and understand the vital roles they play. Play with effort values, stats, and movesets directly from our Strategy-Dex entries to calibrate each Pokemon to your liking and standards. Generate and export random battle-ready teams to play with and test them online using the Pokemon Showdown Battle Simulator!

Our Strategies:
We don't discriminate on tactics. Obviously for various tournaments and competitions there are do's and do nots to keep balances in check. However, that does not mean those tactics need to forever be forgotten about. Here we try to showcase several strategies to use both in competitive and friendly Pokemon battles with your buddies. A big melting pot showcasing the strengths of every Pokemon and not just a selected few.

Our Name:
As you may have noticed, our site mascot is the Legendary Pokemon Ho-oh. It's original name is Houou (Japanese: ホウオウ). So you might be wondering why didn't we just call ourselves Ho-oh's Home or Houou's Home instead? Well aside from how easily those other names seem to roll off the tongue, we consider this site more of an online shrine to that wonderous bird of Pokemon lore. More specifically, it's a reference to the Hohou Shrine (Japanese: ホウオウのほこら) found in the Johto region.

Our movesets are currently divided into 4 separate types each distinguished by their background image:
Builds with the Pikachu in the background are compiled from analytic research. These are compiled by usage snapshots of the most popular moves, abilities, and items with help from Pikalytics.
Builds with the Porygon-Z in the background were generated based on most damaging moves (with Risk vs Reward, STAB, ability bonuses, base stats, typing threats, and combos all taken into account).
Builds with the Ho-oh in the background come from our internal database. These builds are each validated to ensure they are still valid and usable in the selected generations.
Builds with the Alakazam in the background were generated with our deep-learning artificial intelligence and tested with damage calculating battle simulations versus other similarly tiered Pokemon.

Listed Videos:
Some pages will have embedded competitive guide videos embedded on them related to the selected Pokemon and Generation. Please note the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the videos belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the us. These videos will also feature additonal movesets and content that might not be listed on our site. All videos belong to their respective owners.

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