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List for Pokemon Red/Blue (RB) - Generation 1
Abra (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Aerodactyl (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Alakazam (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Arbok (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Arcanine (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Articuno (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Beedrill (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Bellsprout (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Blastoise (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Bulbasaur (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Butterfree (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Caterpie (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Chansey (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Charizard (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Charmander (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Charmeleon (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Clefable (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Clefairy (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Cloyster (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Cubone (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Dewgong (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Diglett (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Ditto (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Dodrio (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Doduo (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Dragonair (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Dragonite (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Dratini (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Drowzee (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Dugtrio (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Eevee (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Ekans (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Electabuzz (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Electrode (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Exeggcute (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Exeggutor (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Farfetch'd (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Fearow (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Flareon (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Gastly (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Gengar (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Geodude (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Gloom (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Golbat (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Goldeen (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Golduck (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Golem (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Graveler (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Grimer (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Growlithe (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Gyarados (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Haunter (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Hitmonchan (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Hitmonlee (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Horsea (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Hypno (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Ivysaur (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Jolteon (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Jynx (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Kabuto (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Kabutops (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Kadabra (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Kakuna (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Kangaskhan (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Kingler (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Koffing (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Krabby (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Lapras (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Lickitung (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Machamp (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Machoke (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Machop (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Magikarp (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Magmar (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Magnemite (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Magneton (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Mankey (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Marowak (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Meowth (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Metapod (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Mew (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Mewtwo (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Moltres (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Mr. Mime (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Muk (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Nidoking (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Nidoqueen (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Nidoran-F (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Nidoran-M (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Nidorina (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Nidorino (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Ninetales (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Oddish (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Omanyte (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Omastar (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Onix (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Paras (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Parasect (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Persian (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Pidgeot (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Pidgeotto (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Pidgey (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Pikachu (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Pinsir (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Poliwag (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Poliwhirl (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Poliwrath (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Ponyta (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Porygon (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Primeape (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Psyduck (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Raichu (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Rapidash (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Raticate (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Rattata (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Rhydon (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Rhyhorn (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Sandshrew (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Sandslash (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Scyther (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Seadra (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Seaking (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Seel (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Shellder (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Slowbro (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Slowpoke (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Snorlax (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Spearow (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Squirtle (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Starmie (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Staryu (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Tangela (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Tauros (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Tentacool (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Tentacruel (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Vaporeon (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Venomoth (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Venonat (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Venusaur (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Victreebel (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Vileplume (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Voltorb (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Vulpix (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Wartortle (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Weedle (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Weepinbell (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Weezing (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Wigglytuff (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Zapdos (Pokemon Red/Blue)
Zubat (Pokemon Red/Blue)

List for Pokemon Gold/Silver (GS) - Generation 2
Abra (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Aerodactyl (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Aipom (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Alakazam (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ampharos (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Arbok (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Arcanine (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ariados (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Articuno (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Azumarill (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Bayleef (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Beedrill (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Bellossom (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Bellsprout (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Blastoise (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Blissey (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Bulbasaur (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Butterfree (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Caterpie (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Celebi (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Chansey (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Charizard (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Charmander (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Charmeleon (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Chikorita (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Chinchou (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Clefable (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Clefairy (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Cleffa (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Cloyster (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Corsola (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Crobat (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Croconaw (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Cubone (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Cyndaquil (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Delibird (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Dewgong (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Diglett (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ditto (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Dodrio (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Doduo (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Donphan (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Dragonair (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Dragonite (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Dratini (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Drowzee (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Dugtrio (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Dunsparce (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Eevee (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ekans (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Electabuzz (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Electrode (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Elekid (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Entei (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Espeon (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Exeggcute (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Exeggutor (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Farfetch'd (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Fearow (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Feraligatr (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Flaaffy (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Flareon (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Forretress (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Furret (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Gastly (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Gengar (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Geodude (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Girafarig (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Gligar (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Gloom (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Golbat (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Goldeen (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Golduck (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Golem (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Granbull (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Graveler (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Grimer (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Growlithe (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Gyarados (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Haunter (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Heracross (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Hitmonchan (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Hitmonlee (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Hitmontop (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ho-Oh (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Hoothoot (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Hoppip (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Horsea (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Houndoom (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Houndour (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Hypno (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Igglybuff (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ivysaur (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Jolteon (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Jumpluff (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Jynx (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Kabuto (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Kabutops (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Kadabra (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Kakuna (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Kangaskhan (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Kingdra (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Kingler (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Koffing (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Krabby (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Lanturn (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Lapras (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Larvitar (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ledian (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ledyba (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Lickitung (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Lugia (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Machamp (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Machoke (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Machop (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Magby (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Magcargo (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Magikarp (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Magmar (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Magnemite (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Magneton (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Mankey (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Mantine (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Mareep (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Marill (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Marowak (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Meganium (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Meowth (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Metapod (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Mew (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Mewtwo (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Miltank (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Misdreavus (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Moltres (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Mr. Mime (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Muk (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Murkrow (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Natu (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Nidoking (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Nidoqueen (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Nidoran-F (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Nidoran-M (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Nidorina (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Nidorino (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ninetales (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Noctowl (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Octillery (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Oddish (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Omanyte (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Omastar (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Onix (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Paras (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Parasect (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Persian (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Phanpy (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Pichu (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Pidgeot (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Pidgeotto (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Pidgey (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Pikachu (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Piloswine (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Pineco (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Pinsir (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Politoed (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Poliwag (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Poliwhirl (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Poliwrath (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ponyta (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Porygon (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Porygon2 (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Primeape (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Psyduck (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Pupitar (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Quagsire (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Quilava (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Qwilfish (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Raichu (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Raikou (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Rapidash (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Raticate (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Rattata (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Remoraid (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Rhydon (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Rhyhorn (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Sandshrew (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Sandslash (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Scizor (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Scyther (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Seadra (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Seaking (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Seel (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Sentret (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Shellder (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Shuckle (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Skarmory (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Skiploom (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Slowbro (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Slowking (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Slowpoke (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Slugma (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Smeargle (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Smoochum (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Sneasel (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Snorlax (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Snubbull (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Spearow (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Spinarak (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Squirtle (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Stantler (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Starmie (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Staryu (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Steelix (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Sudowoodo (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Suicune (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Sunflora (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Sunkern (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Swinub (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Tangela (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Tauros (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Teddiursa (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Tentacool (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Tentacruel (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Togepi (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Togetic (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Totodile (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Typhlosion (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Tyranitar (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Tyrogue (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Umbreon (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Unown (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Ursaring (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Vaporeon (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Venomoth (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Venonat (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Venusaur (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Victreebel (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Vileplume (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Voltorb (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Vulpix (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Wartortle (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Weedle (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Weepinbell (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Weezing (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Wigglytuff (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Wobbuffet (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Wooper (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Xatu (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Yanma (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Zapdos (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
Zubat (Pokemon Gold/Silver)

List for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (RS) - Generation 3
Abra (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Absol (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Aerodactyl (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Aggron (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Aipom (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Alakazam (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Altaria (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ampharos (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Anorith (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Arbok (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Arcanine (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ariados (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Armaldo (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Aron (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Articuno (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Azumarill (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Azurill (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Bagon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Baltoy (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Banette (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Barboach (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Bayleef (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Beautifly (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Beedrill (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Beldum (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Bellossom (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Bellsprout (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Blastoise (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Blaziken (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Blissey (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Breloom (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Bulbasaur (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Butterfree (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Cacnea (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Cacturne (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Camerupt (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Carvanha (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Cascoon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Castform (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Castform-Rainy (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Castform-Snowy (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Castform-Sunny (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Caterpie (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Celebi (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Chansey (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Charizard (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Charmander (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Charmeleon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Chikorita (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Chimecho (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Chinchou (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Clamperl (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Claydol (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Clefable (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Clefairy (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Cleffa (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Cloyster (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Combusken (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Corphish (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Corsola (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Cradily (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Crawdaunt (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Crobat (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Croconaw (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Cubone (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Cyndaquil (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Delcatty (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Delibird (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Deoxys (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Deoxys-Attack (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Deoxys-Defense (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Deoxys-Speed (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Dewgong (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Diglett (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ditto (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Dodrio (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Doduo (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Donphan (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Dragonair (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Dragonite (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Dratini (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Drowzee (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Dugtrio (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Dunsparce (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Dusclops (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Duskull (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Dustox (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Eevee (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ekans (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Electabuzz (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Electrike (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Electrode (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Elekid (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Entei (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Espeon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Exeggcute (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Exeggutor (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Exploud (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Farfetch'd (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Fearow (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Feebas (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Feraligatr (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Flaaffy (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Flareon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Flygon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Forretress (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Furret (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Gardevoir (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Gastly (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Gengar (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Geodude (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Girafarig (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Glalie (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Gligar (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Gloom (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Golbat (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Goldeen (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Golduck (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Golem (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Gorebyss (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Granbull (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Graveler (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Grimer (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Groudon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Grovyle (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Growlithe (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Grumpig (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Gulpin (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Gyarados (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Hariyama (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Haunter (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Heracross (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Hitmonchan (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Hitmonlee (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Hitmontop (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ho-Oh (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Hoothoot (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Hoppip (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Horsea (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Houndoom (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Houndour (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Huntail (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Hypno (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Igglybuff (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Illumise (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ivysaur (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Jirachi (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Jolteon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Jumpluff (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Jynx (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kabuto (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kabutops (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kadabra (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kakuna (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kangaskhan (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kecleon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kingdra (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kingler (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kirlia (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Koffing (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Krabby (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Kyogre (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Lairon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Lanturn (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Lapras (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Larvitar (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Latias (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Latios (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ledian (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ledyba (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Lickitung (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Lileep (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Linoone (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Lombre (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Lotad (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Loudred (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ludicolo (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Lugia (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Lunatone (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Luvdisc (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Machamp (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Machoke (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Machop (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Magby (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Magcargo (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Magikarp (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Magmar (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Magnemite (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Magneton (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Makuhita (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Manectric (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Mankey (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Mantine (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Mareep (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Marill (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Marowak (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Marshtomp (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Masquerain (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Mawile (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Medicham (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Meditite (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Meganium (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Meowth (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Metagross (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Metang (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Metapod (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Mew (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Mewtwo (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Mightyena (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Milotic (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Miltank (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Minun (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Misdreavus (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Moltres (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Mr. Mime (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Mudkip (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Muk (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Murkrow (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Natu (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Nidoking (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Nidoqueen (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Nidoran-F (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Nidoran-M (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Nidorina (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Nidorino (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Nincada (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ninetales (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ninjask (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Noctowl (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Nosepass (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Numel (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Nuzleaf (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Octillery (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Oddish (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Omanyte (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Omastar (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Onix (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Paras (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Parasect (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Pelipper (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Persian (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Phanpy (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Pichu (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Pidgeot (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Pidgeotto (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Pidgey (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Pikachu (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Piloswine (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Pineco (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Pinsir (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Plusle (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Politoed (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Poliwag (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Poliwhirl (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Poliwrath (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ponyta (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Poochyena (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Porygon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Porygon2 (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Primeape (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Psyduck (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Pupitar (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Quagsire (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Quilava (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Qwilfish (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Raichu (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Raikou (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ralts (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Rapidash (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Raticate (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Rattata (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Rayquaza (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Regice (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Regirock (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Registeel (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Relicanth (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Remoraid (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Rhydon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Rhyhorn (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Roselia (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sableye (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Salamence (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sandshrew (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sandslash (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sceptile (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Scizor (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Scyther (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Seadra (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Seaking (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sealeo (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Seedot (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Seel (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sentret (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Seviper (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sharpedo (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Shedinja (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Shelgon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Shellder (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Shiftry (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Shroomish (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Shuckle (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Shuppet (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Silcoon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Skarmory (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Skiploom (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Skitty (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Slaking (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Slakoth (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Slowbro (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Slowking (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Slowpoke (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Slugma (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Smeargle (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Smoochum (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sneasel (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Snorlax (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Snorunt (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Snubbull (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Solrock (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Spearow (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Spheal (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Spinarak (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Spinda (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Spoink (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Squirtle (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Stantler (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Starmie (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Staryu (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Steelix (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sudowoodo (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Suicune (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sunflora (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Sunkern (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Surskit (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Swablu (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Swalot (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Swampert (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Swellow (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Swinub (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Taillow (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Tangela (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Tauros (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Teddiursa (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Tentacool (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Tentacruel (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Togepi (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Togetic (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Torchic (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Torkoal (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Totodile (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Trapinch (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Treecko (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Tropius (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Typhlosion (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Tyranitar (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Tyrogue (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Umbreon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Unown (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Ursaring (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Vaporeon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Venomoth (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Venonat (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Venusaur (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Vibrava (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Victreebel (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Vigoroth (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Vileplume (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Volbeat (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Voltorb (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Vulpix (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Wailmer (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Wailord (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Walrein (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Wartortle (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Weedle (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Weepinbell (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Weezing (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Whiscash (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Whismur (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Wigglytuff (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Wingull (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Wobbuffet (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Wooper (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Wurmple (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Wynaut (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Xatu (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Yanma (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Zangoose (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Zapdos (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Zigzagoon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)
Zubat (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)

List for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (DP) - Generation 4
Abomasnow (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Abra (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Absol (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Aerodactyl (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Aggron (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Aipom (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Alakazam (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Altaria (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ambipom (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ampharos (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Anorith (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arbok (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arcanine (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Bug (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Dark (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Dragon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Electric (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Fighting (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Fire (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Flying (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Ghost (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Grass (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Ground (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Ice (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Poison (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Psychic (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Rock (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Steel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Arceus-Water (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ariados (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Armaldo (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Aron (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Articuno (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Azelf (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Azumarill (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Azurill (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bagon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Baltoy (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Banette (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Barboach (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bastiodon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bayleef (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Beautifly (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Beedrill (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Beldum (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bellossom (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bellsprout (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bibarel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bidoof (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Blastoise (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Blaziken (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Blissey (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bonsly (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Breloom (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bronzong (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bronzor (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Budew (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Buizel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Bulbasaur (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Buneary (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Burmy (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Butterfree (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cacnea (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cacturne (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Camerupt (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Carnivine (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Carvanha (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cascoon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Castform (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Castform-Rainy (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Castform-Snowy (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Castform-Sunny (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Caterpie (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Celebi (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Chansey (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Charizard (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Charmander (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Charmeleon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Chatot (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cherrim (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cherrim-Sunshine (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cherubi (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Chikorita (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Chimchar (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Chimecho (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Chinchou (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Chingling (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Clamperl (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Claydol (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Clefable (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Clefairy (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cleffa (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cloyster (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Combee (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Combusken (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Corphish (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Corsola (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cradily (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cranidos (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Crawdaunt (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cresselia (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Croagunk (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Crobat (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Croconaw (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cubone (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Cyndaquil (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Darkrai (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Delcatty (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Delibird (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Deoxys (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Deoxys-Attack (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Deoxys-Defense (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Deoxys-Speed (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dewgong (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dialga (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Diglett (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ditto (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dodrio (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Doduo (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Donphan (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dragonair (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dragonite (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Drapion (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dratini (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Drifblim (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Drifloon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Drowzee (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dugtrio (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dunsparce (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dusclops (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dusknoir (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Duskull (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Dustox (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Eevee (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ekans (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Electabuzz (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Electivire (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Electrike (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Electrode (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Elekid (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Empoleon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Entei (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Espeon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Exeggcute (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Exeggutor (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Exploud (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Farfetch'd (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Fearow (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Feebas (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Feraligatr (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Finneon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Flaaffy (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Flareon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Floatzel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Flygon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Forretress (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Froslass (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Furret (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gabite (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gallade (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Garchomp (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gardevoir (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gastly (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gastrodon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gengar (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Geodude (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gible (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Girafarig (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Giratina (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Giratina-Origin (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Glaceon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Glalie (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Glameow (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gligar (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gliscor (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gloom (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Golbat (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Goldeen (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Golduck (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Golem (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gorebyss (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Granbull (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Graveler (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Grimer (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Grotle (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Groudon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Grovyle (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Growlithe (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Grumpig (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gulpin (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Gyarados (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Happiny (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Hariyama (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Haunter (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Heatran (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Heracross (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Hippopotas (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Hippowdon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Hitmonchan (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Hitmonlee (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Hitmontop (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ho-Oh (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Honchkrow (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Hoothoot (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Hoppip (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Horsea (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Houndoom (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Houndour (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Huntail (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Hypno (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Igglybuff (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Illumise (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Infernape (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ivysaur (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Jirachi (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Jolteon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Jumpluff (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Jynx (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kabuto (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kabutops (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kadabra (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kakuna (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kangaskhan (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kecleon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kingdra (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kingler (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kirlia (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Koffing (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Krabby (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kricketot (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kricketune (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Kyogre (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lairon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lanturn (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lapras (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Larvitar (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Latias (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Latios (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Leafeon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ledian (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ledyba (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lickilicky (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lickitung (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lileep (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Linoone (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lombre (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lopunny (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lotad (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Loudred (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lucario (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ludicolo (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lugia (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lumineon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Lunatone (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Luvdisc (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Luxio (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Luxray (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Machamp (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Machoke (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Machop (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Magby (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Magcargo (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Magikarp (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Magmar (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Magmortar (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Magnemite (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Magneton (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Magnezone (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Makuhita (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mamoswine (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Manaphy (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Manectric (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mankey (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mantine (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mantyke (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mareep (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Marill (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Marowak (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Marshtomp (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Masquerain (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mawile (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Medicham (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Meditite (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Meganium (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Meowth (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mesprit (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Metagross (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Metang (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Metapod (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mew (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mewtwo (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mightyena (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Milotic (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Miltank (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mime Jr. (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Minun (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Misdreavus (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mismagius (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Moltres (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Monferno (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mothim (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mr. Mime (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Mudkip (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Muk (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Munchlax (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Murkrow (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Natu (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Nidoking (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Nidoqueen (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Nidoran-F (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Nidoran-M (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Nidorina (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Nidorino (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Nincada (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ninetales (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ninjask (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Noctowl (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Nosepass (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Numel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Nuzleaf (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Octillery (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Oddish (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Omanyte (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Omastar (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Onix (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pachirisu (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Palkia (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Paras (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Parasect (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pelipper (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Persian (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Phanpy (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Phione (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pichu (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pichu-Spiky-eared (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pidgeot (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pidgeotto (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pidgey (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pikachu (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Piloswine (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pineco (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pinsir (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Piplup (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Plusle (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Politoed (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Poliwag (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Poliwhirl (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Poliwrath (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ponyta (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Poochyena (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Porygon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Porygon-Z (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Porygon2 (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Primeape (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Prinplup (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Probopass (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Psyduck (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Pupitar (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Purugly (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Quagsire (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Quilava (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Qwilfish (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Raichu (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Raikou (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ralts (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rampardos (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rapidash (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Raticate (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rattata (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rayquaza (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Regice (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Regigigas (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Regirock (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Registeel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Relicanth (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Remoraid (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rhydon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rhyhorn (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rhyperior (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Riolu (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Roselia (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Roserade (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rotom (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rotom-Fan (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rotom-Frost (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rotom-Heat (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rotom-Mow (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Rotom-Wash (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sableye (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Salamence (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sandshrew (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sandslash (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sceptile (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Scizor (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Scyther (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Seadra (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Seaking (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sealeo (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Seedot (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Seel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sentret (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Seviper (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sharpedo (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shaymin (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shaymin-Sky (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shedinja (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shelgon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shellder (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shellos (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shieldon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shiftry (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shinx (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shroomish (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shuckle (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Shuppet (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Silcoon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Skarmory (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Skiploom (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Skitty (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Skorupi (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Skuntank (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Slaking (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Slakoth (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Slowbro (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Slowking (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Slowpoke (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Slugma (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Smeargle (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Smoochum (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sneasel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Snorlax (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Snorunt (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Snover (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Snubbull (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Solrock (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Spearow (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Spheal (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Spinarak (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Spinda (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Spiritomb (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Spoink (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Squirtle (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Stantler (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Staraptor (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Staravia (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Starly (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Starmie (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Staryu (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Steelix (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Stunky (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sudowoodo (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Suicune (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sunflora (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Sunkern (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Surskit (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Swablu (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Swalot (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Swampert (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Swellow (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Swinub (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Taillow (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Tangela (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Tangrowth (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Tauros (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Teddiursa (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Tentacool (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Tentacruel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Togekiss (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Togepi (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Togetic (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Torchic (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Torkoal (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Torterra (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Totodile (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Toxicroak (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Trapinch (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Treecko (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Tropius (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Turtwig (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Typhlosion (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Tyranitar (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Tyrogue (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Umbreon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Unown (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Ursaring (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Uxie (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Vaporeon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Venomoth (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Venonat (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Venusaur (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Vespiquen (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Vibrava (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Victreebel (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Vigoroth (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Vileplume (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Volbeat (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Voltorb (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Vulpix (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wailmer (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wailord (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Walrein (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wartortle (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Weavile (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Weedle (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Weepinbell (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Weezing (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Whiscash (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Whismur (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wigglytuff (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wingull (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wobbuffet (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wooper (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wormadam (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wormadam-Sandy (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wormadam-Trash (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wurmple (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Wynaut (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Xatu (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Yanma (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Yanmega (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Zangoose (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Zapdos (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Zigzagoon (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Zubat (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)

List for Pokemon Black/White (BW) - Generation 5
Abomasnow (Pokemon Black/White)
Abra (Pokemon Black/White)
Absol (Pokemon Black/White)
Accelgor (Pokemon Black/White)
Aerodactyl (Pokemon Black/White)
Aggron (Pokemon Black/White)
Aipom (Pokemon Black/White)
Alakazam (Pokemon Black/White)
Alomomola (Pokemon Black/White)
Altaria (Pokemon Black/White)
Ambipom (Pokemon Black/White)
Amoonguss (Pokemon Black/White)
Ampharos (Pokemon Black/White)
Anorith (Pokemon Black/White)
Arbok (Pokemon Black/White)
Arcanine (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Bug (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Dark (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Dragon (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Electric (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Fighting (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Fire (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Flying (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Ghost (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Grass (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Ground (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Ice (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Poison (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Psychic (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Rock (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Steel (Pokemon Black/White)
Arceus-Water (Pokemon Black/White)
Archen (Pokemon Black/White)
Archeops (Pokemon Black/White)
Ariados (Pokemon Black/White)
Armaldo (Pokemon Black/White)
Aron (Pokemon Black/White)
Articuno (Pokemon Black/White)
Audino (Pokemon Black/White)
Axew (Pokemon Black/White)
Azelf (Pokemon Black/White)
Azumarill (Pokemon Black/White)
Azurill (Pokemon Black/White)
Bagon (Pokemon Black/White)
Baltoy (Pokemon Black/White)
Banette (Pokemon Black/White)
Barboach (Pokemon Black/White)
Basculin (Pokemon Black/White)
Basculin-Blue-Striped (Pokemon Black/White)
Bastiodon (Pokemon Black/White)
Bayleef (Pokemon Black/White)
Beartic (Pokemon Black/White)
Beautifly (Pokemon Black/White)
Beedrill (Pokemon Black/White)
Beheeyem (Pokemon Black/White)
Beldum (Pokemon Black/White)
Bellossom (Pokemon Black/White)
Bellsprout (Pokemon Black/White)
Bibarel (Pokemon Black/White)
Bidoof (Pokemon Black/White)
Bisharp (Pokemon Black/White)
Blastoise (Pokemon Black/White)
Blaziken (Pokemon Black/White)
Blissey (Pokemon Black/White)
Blitzle (Pokemon Black/White)
Boldore (Pokemon Black/White)
Bonsly (Pokemon Black/White)
Bouffalant (Pokemon Black/White)
Braviary (Pokemon Black/White)
Breloom (Pokemon Black/White)
Bronzong (Pokemon Black/White)
Bronzor (Pokemon Black/White)
Budew (Pokemon Black/White)
Buizel (Pokemon Black/White)
Bulbasaur (Pokemon Black/White)
Buneary (Pokemon Black/White)
Burmy (Pokemon Black/White)
Butterfree (Pokemon Black/White)
Cacnea (Pokemon Black/White)
Cacturne (Pokemon Black/White)
Camerupt (Pokemon Black/White)
Carnivine (Pokemon Black/White)
Carracosta (Pokemon Black/White)
Carvanha (Pokemon Black/White)
Cascoon (Pokemon Black/White)
Castform (Pokemon Black/White)
Castform-Rainy (Pokemon Black/White)
Castform-Snowy (Pokemon Black/White)
Castform-Sunny (Pokemon Black/White)
Caterpie (Pokemon Black/White)
Celebi (Pokemon Black/White)
Chandelure (Pokemon Black/White)
Chansey (Pokemon Black/White)
Charizard (Pokemon Black/White)
Charmander (Pokemon Black/White)
Charmeleon (Pokemon Black/White)
Chatot (Pokemon Black/White)
Cherrim (Pokemon Black/White)
Cherrim-Sunshine (Pokemon Black/White)
Cherubi (Pokemon Black/White)
Chikorita (Pokemon Black/White)
Chimchar (Pokemon Black/White)
Chimecho (Pokemon Black/White)
Chinchou (Pokemon Black/White)
Chingling (Pokemon Black/White)
Cinccino (Pokemon Black/White)
Clamperl (Pokemon Black/White)
Claydol (Pokemon Black/White)
Clefable (Pokemon Black/White)
Clefairy (Pokemon Black/White)
Cleffa (Pokemon Black/White)
Cloyster (Pokemon Black/White)
Cobalion (Pokemon Black/White)
Cofagrigus (Pokemon Black/White)
Combee (Pokemon Black/White)
Combusken (Pokemon Black/White)
Conkeldurr (Pokemon Black/White)
Corphish (Pokemon Black/White)
Corsola (Pokemon Black/White)
Cottonee (Pokemon Black/White)
Cradily (Pokemon Black/White)
Cranidos (Pokemon Black/White)
Crawdaunt (Pokemon Black/White)
Cresselia (Pokemon Black/White)
Croagunk (Pokemon Black/White)
Crobat (Pokemon Black/White)
Croconaw (Pokemon Black/White)
Crustle (Pokemon Black/White)
Cryogonal (Pokemon Black/White)
Cubchoo (Pokemon Black/White)
Cubone (Pokemon Black/White)
Cyndaquil (Pokemon Black/White)
Darkrai (Pokemon Black/White)
Darmanitan (Pokemon Black/White)
Darmanitan-Zen (Pokemon Black/White)
Darumaka (Pokemon Black/White)
Deerling (Pokemon Black/White)
Deino (Pokemon Black/White)
Delcatty (Pokemon Black/White)
Delibird (Pokemon Black/White)
Deoxys (Pokemon Black/White)
Deoxys-Attack (Pokemon Black/White)
Deoxys-Defense (Pokemon Black/White)
Deoxys-Speed (Pokemon Black/White)
Dewgong (Pokemon Black/White)
Dewott (Pokemon Black/White)
Dialga (Pokemon Black/White)
Diglett (Pokemon Black/White)
Ditto (Pokemon Black/White)
Dodrio (Pokemon Black/White)
Doduo (Pokemon Black/White)
Donphan (Pokemon Black/White)
Dragonair (Pokemon Black/White)
Dragonite (Pokemon Black/White)
Drapion (Pokemon Black/White)
Dratini (Pokemon Black/White)
Drifblim (Pokemon Black/White)
Drifloon (Pokemon Black/White)
Drilbur (Pokemon Black/White)
Drowzee (Pokemon Black/White)
Druddigon (Pokemon Black/White)
Ducklett (Pokemon Black/White)
Dugtrio (Pokemon Black/White)
Dunsparce (Pokemon Black/White)
Duosion (Pokemon Black/White)
Durant (Pokemon Black/White)
Dusclops (Pokemon Black/White)
Dusknoir (Pokemon Black/White)
Duskull (Pokemon Black/White)
Dustox (Pokemon Black/White)
Dwebble (Pokemon Black/White)
Eelektrik (Pokemon Black/White)
Eelektross (Pokemon Black/White)
Eevee (Pokemon Black/White)
Ekans (Pokemon Black/White)
Electabuzz (Pokemon Black/White)
Electivire (Pokemon Black/White)
Electrike (Pokemon Black/White)
Electrode (Pokemon Black/White)
Elekid (Pokemon Black/White)
Elgyem (Pokemon Black/White)
Emboar (Pokemon Black/White)
Emolga (Pokemon Black/White)
Empoleon (Pokemon Black/White)
Entei (Pokemon Black/White)
Escavalier (Pokemon Black/White)
Espeon (Pokemon Black/White)
Excadrill (Pokemon Black/White)
Exeggcute (Pokemon Black/White)
Exeggutor (Pokemon Black/White)
Exploud (Pokemon Black/White)
Farfetch'd (Pokemon Black/White)
Fearow (Pokemon Black/White)
Feebas (Pokemon Black/White)
Feraligatr (Pokemon Black/White)
Ferroseed (Pokemon Black/White)
Ferrothorn (Pokemon Black/White)
Finneon (Pokemon Black/White)
Flaaffy (Pokemon Black/White)
Flareon (Pokemon Black/White)
Floatzel (Pokemon Black/White)
Flygon (Pokemon Black/White)
Foongus (Pokemon Black/White)
Forretress (Pokemon Black/White)
Fraxure (Pokemon Black/White)
Frillish (Pokemon Black/White)
Froslass (Pokemon Black/White)
Furret (Pokemon Black/White)
Gabite (Pokemon Black/White)
Gallade (Pokemon Black/White)
Galvantula (Pokemon Black/White)
Garbodor (Pokemon Black/White)
Garchomp (Pokemon Black/White)
Gardevoir (Pokemon Black/White)
Gastly (Pokemon Black/White)
Gastrodon (Pokemon Black/White)
Genesect (Pokemon Black/White)
Genesect-Burn (Pokemon Black/White)
Genesect-Chill (Pokemon Black/White)
Genesect-Douse (Pokemon Black/White)
Genesect-Shock (Pokemon Black/White)
Gengar (Pokemon Black/White)
Geodude (Pokemon Black/White)
Gible (Pokemon Black/White)
Gigalith (Pokemon Black/White)
Girafarig (Pokemon Black/White)
Giratina (Pokemon Black/White)
Giratina-Origin (Pokemon Black/White)
Glaceon (Pokemon Black/White)
Glalie (Pokemon Black/White)
Glameow (Pokemon Black/White)
Gligar (Pokemon Black/White)
Gliscor (Pokemon Black/White)
Gloom (Pokemon Black/White)
Golbat (Pokemon Black/White)
Goldeen (Pokemon Black/White)
Golduck (Pokemon Black/White)
Golem (Pokemon Black/White)
Golett (Pokemon Black/White)
Golurk (Pokemon Black/White)
Gorebyss (Pokemon Black/White)
Gothita (Pokemon Black/White)
Gothitelle (Pokemon Black/White)
Gothorita (Pokemon Black/White)
Granbull (Pokemon Black/White)
Graveler (Pokemon Black/White)
Grimer (Pokemon Black/White)
Grotle (Pokemon Black/White)
Groudon (Pokemon Black/White)
Grovyle (Pokemon Black/White)
Growlithe (Pokemon Black/White)
Grumpig (Pokemon Black/White)
Gulpin (Pokemon Black/White)
Gurdurr (Pokemon Black/White)
Gyarados (Pokemon Black/White)
Happiny (Pokemon Black/White)
Hariyama (Pokemon Black/White)
Haunter (Pokemon Black/White)
Haxorus (Pokemon Black/White)
Heatmor (Pokemon Black/White)
Heatran (Pokemon Black/White)
Heracross (Pokemon Black/White)
Herdier (Pokemon Black/White)
Hippopotas (Pokemon Black/White)
Hippowdon (Pokemon Black/White)
Hitmonchan (Pokemon Black/White)
Hitmonlee (Pokemon Black/White)
Hitmontop (Pokemon Black/White)
Ho-Oh (Pokemon Black/White)
Honchkrow (Pokemon Black/White)
Hoothoot (Pokemon Black/White)
Hoppip (Pokemon Black/White)
Horsea (Pokemon Black/White)
Houndoom (Pokemon Black/White)
Houndour (Pokemon Black/White)
Huntail (Pokemon Black/White)
Hydreigon (Pokemon Black/White)
Hypno (Pokemon Black/White)
Igglybuff (Pokemon Black/White)
Illumise (Pokemon Black/White)
Infernape (Pokemon Black/White)
Ivysaur (Pokemon Black/White)
Jellicent (Pokemon Black/White)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon Black/White)
Jirachi (Pokemon Black/White)
Jolteon (Pokemon Black/White)
Joltik (Pokemon Black/White)
Jumpluff (Pokemon Black/White)
Jynx (Pokemon Black/White)
Kabuto (Pokemon Black/White)
Kabutops (Pokemon Black/White)
Kadabra (Pokemon Black/White)
Kakuna (Pokemon Black/White)
Kangaskhan (Pokemon Black/White)
Karrablast (Pokemon Black/White)
Kecleon (Pokemon Black/White)
Keldeo (Pokemon Black/White)
Keldeo-Resolute (Pokemon Black/White)
Kingdra (Pokemon Black/White)
Kingler (Pokemon Black/White)
Kirlia (Pokemon Black/White)
Klang (Pokemon Black/White)
Klink (Pokemon Black/White)
Klinklang (Pokemon Black/White)
Koffing (Pokemon Black/White)
Krabby (Pokemon Black/White)
Kricketot (Pokemon Black/White)
Kricketune (Pokemon Black/White)
Krokorok (Pokemon Black/White)
Krookodile (Pokemon Black/White)
Kyogre (Pokemon Black/White)
Kyurem (Pokemon Black/White)
Kyurem-Black (Pokemon Black/White)
Kyurem-White (Pokemon Black/White)
Lairon (Pokemon Black/White)
Lampent (Pokemon Black/White)
Landorus (Pokemon Black/White)
Landorus-Therian (Pokemon Black/White)
Lanturn (Pokemon Black/White)
Lapras (Pokemon Black/White)
Larvesta (Pokemon Black/White)
Larvitar (Pokemon Black/White)
Latias (Pokemon Black/White)
Latios (Pokemon Black/White)
Leafeon (Pokemon Black/White)
Leavanny (Pokemon Black/White)
Ledian (Pokemon Black/White)
Ledyba (Pokemon Black/White)
Lickilicky (Pokemon Black/White)
Lickitung (Pokemon Black/White)
Liepard (Pokemon Black/White)
Lileep (Pokemon Black/White)
Lilligant (Pokemon Black/White)
Lillipup (Pokemon Black/White)
Linoone (Pokemon Black/White)
Litwick (Pokemon Black/White)
Lombre (Pokemon Black/White)
Lopunny (Pokemon Black/White)
Lotad (Pokemon Black/White)
Loudred (Pokemon Black/White)
Lucario (Pokemon Black/White)
Ludicolo (Pokemon Black/White)
Lugia (Pokemon Black/White)
Lumineon (Pokemon Black/White)
Lunatone (Pokemon Black/White)
Luvdisc (Pokemon Black/White)
Luxio (Pokemon Black/White)
Luxray (Pokemon Black/White)
Machamp (Pokemon Black/White)
Machoke (Pokemon Black/White)
Machop (Pokemon Black/White)
Magby (Pokemon Black/White)
Magcargo (Pokemon Black/White)
Magikarp (Pokemon Black/White)
Magmar (Pokemon Black/White)
Magmortar (Pokemon Black/White)
Magnemite (Pokemon Black/White)
Magneton (Pokemon Black/White)
Magnezone (Pokemon Black/White)
Makuhita (Pokemon Black/White)
Mamoswine (Pokemon Black/White)
Manaphy (Pokemon Black/White)
Mandibuzz (Pokemon Black/White)
Manectric (Pokemon Black/White)
Mankey (Pokemon Black/White)
Mantine (Pokemon Black/White)
Mantyke (Pokemon Black/White)
Maractus (Pokemon Black/White)
Mareep (Pokemon Black/White)
Marill (Pokemon Black/White)
Marowak (Pokemon Black/White)
Marshtomp (Pokemon Black/White)
Masquerain (Pokemon Black/White)
Mawile (Pokemon Black/White)
Medicham (Pokemon Black/White)
Meditite (Pokemon Black/White)
Meganium (Pokemon Black/White)
Meloetta (Pokemon Black/White)
Meloetta-Pirouette (Pokemon Black/White)
Meowth (Pokemon Black/White)
Mesprit (Pokemon Black/White)
Metagross (Pokemon Black/White)
Metang (Pokemon Black/White)
Metapod (Pokemon Black/White)
Mew (Pokemon Black/White)
Mewtwo (Pokemon Black/White)
Mienfoo (Pokemon Black/White)
Mienshao (Pokemon Black/White)
Mightyena (Pokemon Black/White)
Milotic (Pokemon Black/White)
Miltank (Pokemon Black/White)
Mime Jr. (Pokemon Black/White)
Minccino (Pokemon Black/White)
Minun (Pokemon Black/White)
Misdreavus (Pokemon Black/White)
Mismagius (Pokemon Black/White)
Moltres (Pokemon Black/White)
Monferno (Pokemon Black/White)
Mothim (Pokemon Black/White)
Mr. Mime (Pokemon Black/White)
Mudkip (Pokemon Black/White)
Muk (Pokemon Black/White)
Munchlax (Pokemon Black/White)
Munna (Pokemon Black/White)
Murkrow (Pokemon Black/White)
Musharna (Pokemon Black/White)
Natu (Pokemon Black/White)
Nidoking (Pokemon Black/White)
Nidoqueen (Pokemon Black/White)
Nidoran-F (Pokemon Black/White)
Nidoran-M (Pokemon Black/White)
Nidorina (Pokemon Black/White)
Nidorino (Pokemon Black/White)
Nincada (Pokemon Black/White)
Ninetales (Pokemon Black/White)
Ninjask (Pokemon Black/White)
Noctowl (Pokemon Black/White)
Nosepass (Pokemon Black/White)
Numel (Pokemon Black/White)
Nuzleaf (Pokemon Black/White)
Octillery (Pokemon Black/White)
Oddish (Pokemon Black/White)
Omanyte (Pokemon Black/White)
Omastar (Pokemon Black/White)
Onix (Pokemon Black/White)
Oshawott (Pokemon Black/White)
Pachirisu (Pokemon Black/White)
Palkia (Pokemon Black/White)
Palpitoad (Pokemon Black/White)
Panpour (Pokemon Black/White)
Pansage (Pokemon Black/White)
Pansear (Pokemon Black/White)
Paras (Pokemon Black/White)
Parasect (Pokemon Black/White)
Patrat (Pokemon Black/White)
Pawniard (Pokemon Black/White)
Pelipper (Pokemon Black/White)
Persian (Pokemon Black/White)
Petilil (Pokemon Black/White)
Phanpy (Pokemon Black/White)
Phione (Pokemon Black/White)
Pichu (Pokemon Black/White)
Pidgeot (Pokemon Black/White)
Pidgeotto (Pokemon Black/White)
Pidgey (Pokemon Black/White)
Pidove (Pokemon Black/White)
Pignite (Pokemon Black/White)
Pikachu (Pokemon Black/White)
Piloswine (Pokemon Black/White)
Pineco (Pokemon Black/White)
Pinsir (Pokemon Black/White)
Piplup (Pokemon Black/White)
Plusle (Pokemon Black/White)
Politoed (Pokemon Black/White)
Poliwag (Pokemon Black/White)
Poliwhirl (Pokemon Black/White)
Poliwrath (Pokemon Black/White)
Ponyta (Pokemon Black/White)
Poochyena (Pokemon Black/White)
Porygon (Pokemon Black/White)
Porygon-Z (Pokemon Black/White)
Porygon2 (Pokemon Black/White)
Primeape (Pokemon Black/White)
Prinplup (Pokemon Black/White)
Probopass (Pokemon Black/White)
Psyduck (Pokemon Black/White)
Pupitar (Pokemon Black/White)
Purrloin (Pokemon Black/White)
Purugly (Pokemon Black/White)
Quagsire (Pokemon Black/White)
Quilava (Pokemon Black/White)
Qwilfish (Pokemon Black/White)
Raichu (Pokemon Black/White)
Raikou (Pokemon Black/White)
Ralts (Pokemon Black/White)
Rampardos (Pokemon Black/White)
Rapidash (Pokemon Black/White)
Raticate (Pokemon Black/White)
Rattata (Pokemon Black/White)
Rayquaza (Pokemon Black/White)
Regice (Pokemon Black/White)
Regigigas (Pokemon Black/White)
Regirock (Pokemon Black/White)
Registeel (Pokemon Black/White)
Relicanth (Pokemon Black/White)
Remoraid (Pokemon Black/White)
Reshiram (Pokemon Black/White)
Reuniclus (Pokemon Black/White)
Rhydon (Pokemon Black/White)
Rhyhorn (Pokemon Black/White)
Rhyperior (Pokemon Black/White)
Riolu (Pokemon Black/White)
Roggenrola (Pokemon Black/White)
Roselia (Pokemon Black/White)
Roserade (Pokemon Black/White)
Rotom (Pokemon Black/White)
Rotom-Fan (Pokemon Black/White)
Rotom-Frost (Pokemon Black/White)
Rotom-Heat (Pokemon Black/White)
Rotom-Mow (Pokemon Black/White)
Rotom-Wash (Pokemon Black/White)
Rufflet (Pokemon Black/White)
Sableye (Pokemon Black/White)
Salamence (Pokemon Black/White)
Samurott (Pokemon Black/White)
Sandile (Pokemon Black/White)
Sandshrew (Pokemon Black/White)
Sandslash (Pokemon Black/White)
Sawk (Pokemon Black/White)
Sawsbuck (Pokemon Black/White)
Sceptile (Pokemon Black/White)
Scizor (Pokemon Black/White)
Scolipede (Pokemon Black/White)
Scrafty (Pokemon Black/White)
Scraggy (Pokemon Black/White)
Scyther (Pokemon Black/White)
Seadra (Pokemon Black/White)
Seaking (Pokemon Black/White)
Sealeo (Pokemon Black/White)
Seedot (Pokemon Black/White)
Seel (Pokemon Black/White)
Seismitoad (Pokemon Black/White)
Sentret (Pokemon Black/White)
Serperior (Pokemon Black/White)
Servine (Pokemon Black/White)
Seviper (Pokemon Black/White)
Sewaddle (Pokemon Black/White)
Sharpedo (Pokemon Black/White)
Shaymin (Pokemon Black/White)
Shaymin-Sky (Pokemon Black/White)
Shedinja (Pokemon Black/White)
Shelgon (Pokemon Black/White)
Shellder (Pokemon Black/White)
Shellos (Pokemon Black/White)
Shelmet (Pokemon Black/White)
Shieldon (Pokemon Black/White)
Shiftry (Pokemon Black/White)
Shinx (Pokemon Black/White)
Shroomish (Pokemon Black/White)
Shuckle (Pokemon Black/White)
Shuppet (Pokemon Black/White)
Sigilyph (Pokemon Black/White)
Silcoon (Pokemon Black/White)
Simipour (Pokemon Black/White)
Simisage (Pokemon Black/White)
Simisear (Pokemon Black/White)
Skarmory (Pokemon Black/White)
Skiploom (Pokemon Black/White)
Skitty (Pokemon Black/White)
Skorupi (Pokemon Black/White)
Skuntank (Pokemon Black/White)
Slaking (Pokemon Black/White)
Slakoth (Pokemon Black/White)
Slowbro (Pokemon Black/White)
Slowking (Pokemon Black/White)
Slowpoke (Pokemon Black/White)
Slugma (Pokemon Black/White)
Smeargle (Pokemon Black/White)
Smoochum (Pokemon Black/White)
Sneasel (Pokemon Black/White)
Snivy (Pokemon Black/White)
Snorlax (Pokemon Black/White)
Snorunt (Pokemon Black/White)
Snover (Pokemon Black/White)
Snubbull (Pokemon Black/White)
Solosis (Pokemon Black/White)
Solrock (Pokemon Black/White)
Spearow (Pokemon Black/White)
Spheal (Pokemon Black/White)
Spinarak (Pokemon Black/White)
Spinda (Pokemon Black/White)
Spiritomb (Pokemon Black/White)
Spoink (Pokemon Black/White)
Squirtle (Pokemon Black/White)
Stantler (Pokemon Black/White)
Staraptor (Pokemon Black/White)
Staravia (Pokemon Black/White)
Starly (Pokemon Black/White)
Starmie (Pokemon Black/White)
Staryu (Pokemon Black/White)
Steelix (Pokemon Black/White)
Stoutland (Pokemon Black/White)
Stunfisk (Pokemon Black/White)
Stunky (Pokemon Black/White)
Sudowoodo (Pokemon Black/White)
Suicune (Pokemon Black/White)
Sunflora (Pokemon Black/White)
Sunkern (Pokemon Black/White)
Surskit (Pokemon Black/White)
Swablu (Pokemon Black/White)
Swadloon (Pokemon Black/White)
Swalot (Pokemon Black/White)
Swampert (Pokemon Black/White)
Swanna (Pokemon Black/White)
Swellow (Pokemon Black/White)
Swinub (Pokemon Black/White)
Swoobat (Pokemon Black/White)
Taillow (Pokemon Black/White)
Tangela (Pokemon Black/White)
Tangrowth (Pokemon Black/White)
Tauros (Pokemon Black/White)
Teddiursa (Pokemon Black/White)
Tentacool (Pokemon Black/White)
Tentacruel (Pokemon Black/White)
Tepig (Pokemon Black/White)
Terrakion (Pokemon Black/White)
Throh (Pokemon Black/White)
Thundurus (Pokemon Black/White)
Thundurus-Therian (Pokemon Black/White)
Timburr (Pokemon Black/White)
Tirtouga (Pokemon Black/White)
Togekiss (Pokemon Black/White)
Togepi (Pokemon Black/White)
Togetic (Pokemon Black/White)
Torchic (Pokemon Black/White)
Torkoal (Pokemon Black/White)
Tornadus (Pokemon Black/White)
Tornadus-Therian (Pokemon Black/White)
Torterra (Pokemon Black/White)
Totodile (Pokemon Black/White)
Toxicroak (Pokemon Black/White)
Tranquill (Pokemon Black/White)
Trapinch (Pokemon Black/White)
Treecko (Pokemon Black/White)
Tropius (Pokemon Black/White)
Trubbish (Pokemon Black/White)
Turtwig (Pokemon Black/White)
Tympole (Pokemon Black/White)
Tynamo (Pokemon Black/White)
Typhlosion (Pokemon Black/White)
Tyranitar (Pokemon Black/White)
Tyrogue (Pokemon Black/White)
Umbreon (Pokemon Black/White)
Unfezant (Pokemon Black/White)
Unown (Pokemon Black/White)
Ursaring (Pokemon Black/White)
Uxie (Pokemon Black/White)
Vanillish (Pokemon Black/White)
Vanillite (Pokemon Black/White)
Vanilluxe (Pokemon Black/White)
Vaporeon (Pokemon Black/White)
Venipede (Pokemon Black/White)
Venomoth (Pokemon Black/White)
Venonat (Pokemon Black/White)
Venusaur (Pokemon Black/White)
Vespiquen (Pokemon Black/White)
Vibrava (Pokemon Black/White)
Victini (Pokemon Black/White)
Victreebel (Pokemon Black/White)
Vigoroth (Pokemon Black/White)
Vileplume (Pokemon Black/White)
Virizion (Pokemon Black/White)
Volbeat (Pokemon Black/White)
Volcarona (Pokemon Black/White)
Voltorb (Pokemon Black/White)
Vullaby (Pokemon Black/White)
Vulpix (Pokemon Black/White)
Wailmer (Pokemon Black/White)
Wailord (Pokemon Black/White)
Walrein (Pokemon Black/White)
Wartortle (Pokemon Black/White)
Watchog (Pokemon Black/White)
Weavile (Pokemon Black/White)
Weedle (Pokemon Black/White)
Weepinbell (Pokemon Black/White)
Weezing (Pokemon Black/White)
Whimsicott (Pokemon Black/White)
Whirlipede (Pokemon Black/White)
Whiscash (Pokemon Black/White)
Whismur (Pokemon Black/White)
Wigglytuff (Pokemon Black/White)
Wingull (Pokemon Black/White)
Wobbuffet (Pokemon Black/White)
Woobat (Pokemon Black/White)
Wooper (Pokemon Black/White)
Wormadam (Pokemon Black/White)
Wormadam-Sandy (Pokemon Black/White)
Wormadam-Trash (Pokemon Black/White)
Wurmple (Pokemon Black/White)
Wynaut (Pokemon Black/White)
Xatu (Pokemon Black/White)
Yamask (Pokemon Black/White)
Yanma (Pokemon Black/White)
Yanmega (Pokemon Black/White)
Zangoose (Pokemon Black/White)
Zapdos (Pokemon Black/White)
Zebstrika (Pokemon Black/White)
Zekrom (Pokemon Black/White)
Zigzagoon (Pokemon Black/White)
Zoroark (Pokemon Black/White)
Zorua (Pokemon Black/White)
Zubat (Pokemon Black/White)
Zweilous (Pokemon Black/White)

List for Pokemon X/Y (XY) - Generation 6
Abomasnow (Pokemon X/Y)
Abomasnow-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Abra (Pokemon X/Y)
Absol (Pokemon X/Y)
Absol-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Accelgor (Pokemon X/Y)
Aegislash (Pokemon X/Y)
Aegislash-Blade (Pokemon X/Y)
Aerodactyl (Pokemon X/Y)
Aerodactyl-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Aggron (Pokemon X/Y)
Aggron-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Aipom (Pokemon X/Y)
Alakazam (Pokemon X/Y)
Alakazam-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Alomomola (Pokemon X/Y)
Altaria (Pokemon X/Y)
Altaria-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Amaura (Pokemon X/Y)
Ambipom (Pokemon X/Y)
Amoonguss (Pokemon X/Y)
Ampharos (Pokemon X/Y)
Ampharos-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Anorith (Pokemon X/Y)
Arbok (Pokemon X/Y)
Arcanine (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Bug (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Dark (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Dragon (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Electric (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Fairy (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Fighting (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Fire (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Flying (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Ghost (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Grass (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Ground (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Ice (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Poison (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Psychic (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Rock (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Steel (Pokemon X/Y)
Arceus-Water (Pokemon X/Y)
Archen (Pokemon X/Y)
Archeops (Pokemon X/Y)
Ariados (Pokemon X/Y)
Armaldo (Pokemon X/Y)
Aromatisse (Pokemon X/Y)
Aron (Pokemon X/Y)
Articuno (Pokemon X/Y)
Audino (Pokemon X/Y)
Audino-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Aurorus (Pokemon X/Y)
Avalugg (Pokemon X/Y)
Axew (Pokemon X/Y)
Azelf (Pokemon X/Y)
Azumarill (Pokemon X/Y)
Azurill (Pokemon X/Y)
Bagon (Pokemon X/Y)
Baltoy (Pokemon X/Y)
Banette (Pokemon X/Y)
Banette-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Barbaracle (Pokemon X/Y)
Barboach (Pokemon X/Y)
Basculin (Pokemon X/Y)
Basculin-Blue-Striped (Pokemon X/Y)
Bastiodon (Pokemon X/Y)
Bayleef (Pokemon X/Y)
Beartic (Pokemon X/Y)
Beautifly (Pokemon X/Y)
Beedrill (Pokemon X/Y)
Beedrill-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Beheeyem (Pokemon X/Y)
Beldum (Pokemon X/Y)
Bellossom (Pokemon X/Y)
Bellsprout (Pokemon X/Y)
Bergmite (Pokemon X/Y)
Bibarel (Pokemon X/Y)
Bidoof (Pokemon X/Y)
Binacle (Pokemon X/Y)
Bisharp (Pokemon X/Y)
Blastoise (Pokemon X/Y)
Blastoise-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Blaziken (Pokemon X/Y)
Blaziken-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Blissey (Pokemon X/Y)
Blitzle (Pokemon X/Y)
Boldore (Pokemon X/Y)
Bonsly (Pokemon X/Y)
Bouffalant (Pokemon X/Y)
Braixen (Pokemon X/Y)
Braviary (Pokemon X/Y)
Breloom (Pokemon X/Y)
Bronzong (Pokemon X/Y)
Bronzor (Pokemon X/Y)
Budew (Pokemon X/Y)
Buizel (Pokemon X/Y)
Bulbasaur (Pokemon X/Y)
Buneary (Pokemon X/Y)
Bunnelby (Pokemon X/Y)
Burmy (Pokemon X/Y)
Butterfree (Pokemon X/Y)
Cacnea (Pokemon X/Y)
Cacturne (Pokemon X/Y)
Camerupt (Pokemon X/Y)
Camerupt-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Carbink (Pokemon X/Y)
Carnivine (Pokemon X/Y)
Carracosta (Pokemon X/Y)
Carvanha (Pokemon X/Y)
Cascoon (Pokemon X/Y)
Castform (Pokemon X/Y)
Castform-Rainy (Pokemon X/Y)
Castform-Snowy (Pokemon X/Y)
Castform-Sunny (Pokemon X/Y)
Caterpie (Pokemon X/Y)
Celebi (Pokemon X/Y)
Chandelure (Pokemon X/Y)
Chansey (Pokemon X/Y)
Charizard (Pokemon X/Y)
Charizard-Mega-X (Pokemon X/Y)
Charizard-Mega-Y (Pokemon X/Y)
Charmander (Pokemon X/Y)
Charmeleon (Pokemon X/Y)
Chatot (Pokemon X/Y)
Cherrim (Pokemon X/Y)
Cherrim-Sunshine (Pokemon X/Y)
Cherubi (Pokemon X/Y)
Chesnaught (Pokemon X/Y)
Chespin (Pokemon X/Y)
Chikorita (Pokemon X/Y)
Chimchar (Pokemon X/Y)
Chimecho (Pokemon X/Y)
Chinchou (Pokemon X/Y)
Chingling (Pokemon X/Y)
Cinccino (Pokemon X/Y)
Clamperl (Pokemon X/Y)
Clauncher (Pokemon X/Y)
Clawitzer (Pokemon X/Y)
Claydol (Pokemon X/Y)
Clefable (Pokemon X/Y)
Clefairy (Pokemon X/Y)
Cleffa (Pokemon X/Y)
Cloyster (Pokemon X/Y)
Cobalion (Pokemon X/Y)
Cofagrigus (Pokemon X/Y)
Combee (Pokemon X/Y)
Combusken (Pokemon X/Y)
Conkeldurr (Pokemon X/Y)
Corphish (Pokemon X/Y)
Corsola (Pokemon X/Y)
Cottonee (Pokemon X/Y)
Cradily (Pokemon X/Y)
Cranidos (Pokemon X/Y)
Crawdaunt (Pokemon X/Y)
Cresselia (Pokemon X/Y)
Croagunk (Pokemon X/Y)
Crobat (Pokemon X/Y)
Croconaw (Pokemon X/Y)
Crustle (Pokemon X/Y)
Cryogonal (Pokemon X/Y)
Cubchoo (Pokemon X/Y)
Cubone (Pokemon X/Y)
Cyndaquil (Pokemon X/Y)
Darkrai (Pokemon X/Y)
Darmanitan (Pokemon X/Y)
Darmanitan-Zen (Pokemon X/Y)
Darumaka (Pokemon X/Y)
Dedenne (Pokemon X/Y)
Deerling (Pokemon X/Y)
Deino (Pokemon X/Y)
Delcatty (Pokemon X/Y)
Delibird (Pokemon X/Y)
Delphox (Pokemon X/Y)
Deoxys (Pokemon X/Y)
Deoxys-Attack (Pokemon X/Y)
Deoxys-Defense (Pokemon X/Y)
Deoxys-Speed (Pokemon X/Y)
Dewgong (Pokemon X/Y)
Dewott (Pokemon X/Y)
Dialga (Pokemon X/Y)
Diancie (Pokemon X/Y)
Diancie-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Diggersby (Pokemon X/Y)
Diglett (Pokemon X/Y)
Ditto (Pokemon X/Y)
Dodrio (Pokemon X/Y)
Doduo (Pokemon X/Y)
Donphan (Pokemon X/Y)
Doublade (Pokemon X/Y)
Dragalge (Pokemon X/Y)
Dragonair (Pokemon X/Y)
Dragonite (Pokemon X/Y)
Drapion (Pokemon X/Y)
Dratini (Pokemon X/Y)
Drifblim (Pokemon X/Y)
Drifloon (Pokemon X/Y)
Drilbur (Pokemon X/Y)
Drowzee (Pokemon X/Y)
Druddigon (Pokemon X/Y)
Ducklett (Pokemon X/Y)
Dugtrio (Pokemon X/Y)
Dunsparce (Pokemon X/Y)
Duosion (Pokemon X/Y)
Durant (Pokemon X/Y)
Dusclops (Pokemon X/Y)
Dusknoir (Pokemon X/Y)
Duskull (Pokemon X/Y)
Dustox (Pokemon X/Y)
Dwebble (Pokemon X/Y)
Eelektrik (Pokemon X/Y)
Eelektross (Pokemon X/Y)
Eevee (Pokemon X/Y)
Ekans (Pokemon X/Y)
Electabuzz (Pokemon X/Y)
Electivire (Pokemon X/Y)
Electrike (Pokemon X/Y)
Electrode (Pokemon X/Y)
Elekid (Pokemon X/Y)
Elgyem (Pokemon X/Y)
Emboar (Pokemon X/Y)
Emolga (Pokemon X/Y)
Empoleon (Pokemon X/Y)
Entei (Pokemon X/Y)
Escavalier (Pokemon X/Y)
Espeon (Pokemon X/Y)
Espurr (Pokemon X/Y)
Excadrill (Pokemon X/Y)
Exeggcute (Pokemon X/Y)
Exeggutor (Pokemon X/Y)
Exploud (Pokemon X/Y)
Farfetch'd (Pokemon X/Y)
Fearow (Pokemon X/Y)
Feebas (Pokemon X/Y)
Fennekin (Pokemon X/Y)
Feraligatr (Pokemon X/Y)
Ferroseed (Pokemon X/Y)
Ferrothorn (Pokemon X/Y)
Finneon (Pokemon X/Y)
Flaaffy (Pokemon X/Y)
Flabebe (Pokemon X/Y)
Flareon (Pokemon X/Y)
Fletchinder (Pokemon X/Y)
Fletchling (Pokemon X/Y)
Floatzel (Pokemon X/Y)
Floette (Pokemon X/Y)
Florges (Pokemon X/Y)
Flygon (Pokemon X/Y)
Foongus (Pokemon X/Y)
Forretress (Pokemon X/Y)
Fraxure (Pokemon X/Y)
Frillish (Pokemon X/Y)
Froakie (Pokemon X/Y)
Frogadier (Pokemon X/Y)
Froslass (Pokemon X/Y)
Furfrou (Pokemon X/Y)
Furret (Pokemon X/Y)
Gabite (Pokemon X/Y)
Gallade (Pokemon X/Y)
Gallade-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Galvantula (Pokemon X/Y)
Garbodor (Pokemon X/Y)
Garchomp (Pokemon X/Y)
Garchomp-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Gardevoir (Pokemon X/Y)
Gardevoir-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Gastly (Pokemon X/Y)
Gastrodon (Pokemon X/Y)
Genesect (Pokemon X/Y)
Genesect-Burn (Pokemon X/Y)
Genesect-Chill (Pokemon X/Y)
Genesect-Douse (Pokemon X/Y)
Genesect-Shock (Pokemon X/Y)
Gengar (Pokemon X/Y)
Gengar-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Geodude (Pokemon X/Y)
Gible (Pokemon X/Y)
Gigalith (Pokemon X/Y)
Girafarig (Pokemon X/Y)
Giratina (Pokemon X/Y)
Giratina-Origin (Pokemon X/Y)
Glaceon (Pokemon X/Y)
Glalie (Pokemon X/Y)
Glalie-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Glameow (Pokemon X/Y)
Gligar (Pokemon X/Y)
Gliscor (Pokemon X/Y)
Gloom (Pokemon X/Y)
Gogoat (Pokemon X/Y)
Golbat (Pokemon X/Y)
Goldeen (Pokemon X/Y)
Golduck (Pokemon X/Y)
Golem (Pokemon X/Y)
Golett (Pokemon X/Y)
Golurk (Pokemon X/Y)
Goodra (Pokemon X/Y)
Goomy (Pokemon X/Y)
Gorebyss (Pokemon X/Y)
Gothita (Pokemon X/Y)
Gothitelle (Pokemon X/Y)
Gothorita (Pokemon X/Y)
Gourgeist (Pokemon X/Y)
Gourgeist-Large (Pokemon X/Y)
Gourgeist-Small (Pokemon X/Y)
Gourgeist-Super (Pokemon X/Y)
Granbull (Pokemon X/Y)
Graveler (Pokemon X/Y)
Greninja (Pokemon X/Y)
Grimer (Pokemon X/Y)
Grotle (Pokemon X/Y)
Groudon (Pokemon X/Y)
Groudon-Primal (Pokemon X/Y)
Grovyle (Pokemon X/Y)
Growlithe (Pokemon X/Y)
Grumpig (Pokemon X/Y)
Gulpin (Pokemon X/Y)
Gurdurr (Pokemon X/Y)
Gyarados (Pokemon X/Y)
Gyarados-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Happiny (Pokemon X/Y)
Hariyama (Pokemon X/Y)
Haunter (Pokemon X/Y)
Hawlucha (Pokemon X/Y)
Haxorus (Pokemon X/Y)
Heatmor (Pokemon X/Y)
Heatran (Pokemon X/Y)
Heliolisk (Pokemon X/Y)
Helioptile (Pokemon X/Y)
Heracross (Pokemon X/Y)
Heracross-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Herdier (Pokemon X/Y)
Hippopotas (Pokemon X/Y)
Hippowdon (Pokemon X/Y)
Hitmonchan (Pokemon X/Y)
Hitmonlee (Pokemon X/Y)
Hitmontop (Pokemon X/Y)
Ho-Oh (Pokemon X/Y)
Honchkrow (Pokemon X/Y)
Honedge (Pokemon X/Y)
Hoopa (Pokemon X/Y)
Hoopa-Unbound (Pokemon X/Y)
Hoothoot (Pokemon X/Y)
Hoppip (Pokemon X/Y)
Horsea (Pokemon X/Y)
Houndoom (Pokemon X/Y)
Houndoom-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Houndour (Pokemon X/Y)
Huntail (Pokemon X/Y)
Hydreigon (Pokemon X/Y)
Hypno (Pokemon X/Y)
Igglybuff (Pokemon X/Y)
Illumise (Pokemon X/Y)
Infernape (Pokemon X/Y)
Inkay (Pokemon X/Y)
Ivysaur (Pokemon X/Y)
Jellicent (Pokemon X/Y)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon X/Y)
Jirachi (Pokemon X/Y)
Jolteon (Pokemon X/Y)
Joltik (Pokemon X/Y)
Jumpluff (Pokemon X/Y)
Jynx (Pokemon X/Y)
Kabuto (Pokemon X/Y)
Kabutops (Pokemon X/Y)
Kadabra (Pokemon X/Y)
Kakuna (Pokemon X/Y)
Kangaskhan (Pokemon X/Y)
Kangaskhan-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Karrablast (Pokemon X/Y)
Kecleon (Pokemon X/Y)
Keldeo (Pokemon X/Y)
Keldeo-Resolute (Pokemon X/Y)
Kingdra (Pokemon X/Y)
Kingler (Pokemon X/Y)
Kirlia (Pokemon X/Y)
Klang (Pokemon X/Y)
Klefki (Pokemon X/Y)
Klink (Pokemon X/Y)
Klinklang (Pokemon X/Y)
Koffing (Pokemon X/Y)
Krabby (Pokemon X/Y)
Kricketot (Pokemon X/Y)
Kricketune (Pokemon X/Y)
Krokorok (Pokemon X/Y)
Krookodile (Pokemon X/Y)
Kyogre (Pokemon X/Y)
Kyogre-Primal (Pokemon X/Y)
Kyurem (Pokemon X/Y)
Kyurem-Black (Pokemon X/Y)
Kyurem-White (Pokemon X/Y)
Lairon (Pokemon X/Y)
Lampent (Pokemon X/Y)
Landorus (Pokemon X/Y)
Landorus-Therian (Pokemon X/Y)
Lanturn (Pokemon X/Y)
Lapras (Pokemon X/Y)
Larvesta (Pokemon X/Y)
Larvitar (Pokemon X/Y)
Latias (Pokemon X/Y)
Latias-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Latios (Pokemon X/Y)
Latios-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Leafeon (Pokemon X/Y)
Leavanny (Pokemon X/Y)
Ledian (Pokemon X/Y)
Ledyba (Pokemon X/Y)
Lickilicky (Pokemon X/Y)
Lickitung (Pokemon X/Y)
Liepard (Pokemon X/Y)
Lileep (Pokemon X/Y)
Lilligant (Pokemon X/Y)
Lillipup (Pokemon X/Y)
Linoone (Pokemon X/Y)
Litleo (Pokemon X/Y)
Litwick (Pokemon X/Y)
Lombre (Pokemon X/Y)
Lopunny (Pokemon X/Y)
Lopunny-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Lotad (Pokemon X/Y)
Loudred (Pokemon X/Y)
Lucario (Pokemon X/Y)
Lucario-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Ludicolo (Pokemon X/Y)
Lugia (Pokemon X/Y)
Lumineon (Pokemon X/Y)
Lunatone (Pokemon X/Y)
Luvdisc (Pokemon X/Y)
Luxio (Pokemon X/Y)
Luxray (Pokemon X/Y)
Machamp (Pokemon X/Y)
Machoke (Pokemon X/Y)
Machop (Pokemon X/Y)
Magby (Pokemon X/Y)
Magcargo (Pokemon X/Y)
Magikarp (Pokemon X/Y)
Magmar (Pokemon X/Y)
Magmortar (Pokemon X/Y)
Magnemite (Pokemon X/Y)
Magneton (Pokemon X/Y)
Magnezone (Pokemon X/Y)
Makuhita (Pokemon X/Y)
Malamar (Pokemon X/Y)
Mamoswine (Pokemon X/Y)
Manaphy (Pokemon X/Y)
Mandibuzz (Pokemon X/Y)
Manectric (Pokemon X/Y)
Manectric-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Mankey (Pokemon X/Y)
Mantine (Pokemon X/Y)
Mantyke (Pokemon X/Y)
Maractus (Pokemon X/Y)
Mareep (Pokemon X/Y)
Marill (Pokemon X/Y)
Marowak (Pokemon X/Y)
Marshtomp (Pokemon X/Y)
Masquerain (Pokemon X/Y)
Mawile (Pokemon X/Y)
Mawile-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Medicham (Pokemon X/Y)
Medicham-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Meditite (Pokemon X/Y)
Meganium (Pokemon X/Y)
Meloetta (Pokemon X/Y)
Meloetta-Pirouette (Pokemon X/Y)
Meowstic-F (Pokemon X/Y)
Meowstic-M (Pokemon X/Y)
Meowth (Pokemon X/Y)
Mesprit (Pokemon X/Y)
Metagross (Pokemon X/Y)
Metagross-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Metang (Pokemon X/Y)
Metapod (Pokemon X/Y)
Mew (Pokemon X/Y)
Mewtwo (Pokemon X/Y)
Mewtwo-Mega-X (Pokemon X/Y)
Mewtwo-Mega-Y (Pokemon X/Y)
Mienfoo (Pokemon X/Y)
Mienshao (Pokemon X/Y)
Mightyena (Pokemon X/Y)
Milotic (Pokemon X/Y)
Miltank (Pokemon X/Y)
Mime Jr. (Pokemon X/Y)
Minccino (Pokemon X/Y)
Minun (Pokemon X/Y)
Misdreavus (Pokemon X/Y)
Mismagius (Pokemon X/Y)
Moltres (Pokemon X/Y)
Monferno (Pokemon X/Y)
Mothim (Pokemon X/Y)
Mr. Mime (Pokemon X/Y)
Mudkip (Pokemon X/Y)
Muk (Pokemon X/Y)
Munchlax (Pokemon X/Y)
Munna (Pokemon X/Y)
Murkrow (Pokemon X/Y)
Musharna (Pokemon X/Y)
Natu (Pokemon X/Y)
Nidoking (Pokemon X/Y)
Nidoqueen (Pokemon X/Y)
Nidoran-F (Pokemon X/Y)
Nidoran-M (Pokemon X/Y)
Nidorina (Pokemon X/Y)
Nidorino (Pokemon X/Y)
Nincada (Pokemon X/Y)
Ninetales (Pokemon X/Y)
Ninjask (Pokemon X/Y)
Noctowl (Pokemon X/Y)
Noibat (Pokemon X/Y)
Noivern (Pokemon X/Y)
Nosepass (Pokemon X/Y)
Numel (Pokemon X/Y)
Nuzleaf (Pokemon X/Y)
Octillery (Pokemon X/Y)
Oddish (Pokemon X/Y)
Omanyte (Pokemon X/Y)
Omastar (Pokemon X/Y)
Onix (Pokemon X/Y)
Oshawott (Pokemon X/Y)
Pachirisu (Pokemon X/Y)
Palkia (Pokemon X/Y)
Palpitoad (Pokemon X/Y)
Pancham (Pokemon X/Y)
Pangoro (Pokemon X/Y)
Panpour (Pokemon X/Y)
Pansage (Pokemon X/Y)
Pansear (Pokemon X/Y)
Paras (Pokemon X/Y)
Parasect (Pokemon X/Y)
Patrat (Pokemon X/Y)
Pawniard (Pokemon X/Y)
Pelipper (Pokemon X/Y)
Persian (Pokemon X/Y)
Petilil (Pokemon X/Y)
Phanpy (Pokemon X/Y)
Phantump (Pokemon X/Y)
Phione (Pokemon X/Y)
Pichu (Pokemon X/Y)
Pidgeot (Pokemon X/Y)
Pidgeot-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Pidgeotto (Pokemon X/Y)
Pidgey (Pokemon X/Y)
Pidove (Pokemon X/Y)
Pignite (Pokemon X/Y)
Pikachu (Pokemon X/Y)
Pikachu-Belle (Pokemon X/Y)
Pikachu-Cosplay (Pokemon X/Y)
Pikachu-Libre (Pokemon X/Y)
Pikachu-PhD (Pokemon X/Y)
Pikachu-Pop-Star (Pokemon X/Y)
Pikachu-Rock-Star (Pokemon X/Y)
Piloswine (Pokemon X/Y)
Pineco (Pokemon X/Y)
Pinsir (Pokemon X/Y)
Pinsir-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Piplup (Pokemon X/Y)
Plusle (Pokemon X/Y)
Politoed (Pokemon X/Y)
Poliwag (Pokemon X/Y)
Poliwhirl (Pokemon X/Y)
Poliwrath (Pokemon X/Y)
Ponyta (Pokemon X/Y)
Poochyena (Pokemon X/Y)
Porygon (Pokemon X/Y)
Porygon-Z (Pokemon X/Y)
Porygon2 (Pokemon X/Y)
Primeape (Pokemon X/Y)
Prinplup (Pokemon X/Y)
Probopass (Pokemon X/Y)
Psyduck (Pokemon X/Y)
Pumpkaboo (Pokemon X/Y)
Pumpkaboo-Large (Pokemon X/Y)
Pumpkaboo-Small (Pokemon X/Y)
Pumpkaboo-Super (Pokemon X/Y)
Pupitar (Pokemon X/Y)
Purrloin (Pokemon X/Y)
Purugly (Pokemon X/Y)
Pyroar (Pokemon X/Y)
Quagsire (Pokemon X/Y)
Quilava (Pokemon X/Y)
Quilladin (Pokemon X/Y)
Qwilfish (Pokemon X/Y)
Raichu (Pokemon X/Y)
Raikou (Pokemon X/Y)
Ralts (Pokemon X/Y)
Rampardos (Pokemon X/Y)
Rapidash (Pokemon X/Y)
Raticate (Pokemon X/Y)
Rattata (Pokemon X/Y)
Rayquaza (Pokemon X/Y)
Rayquaza-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Regice (Pokemon X/Y)
Regigigas (Pokemon X/Y)
Regirock (Pokemon X/Y)
Registeel (Pokemon X/Y)
Relicanth (Pokemon X/Y)
Remoraid (Pokemon X/Y)
Reshiram (Pokemon X/Y)
Reuniclus (Pokemon X/Y)
Rhydon (Pokemon X/Y)
Rhyhorn (Pokemon X/Y)
Rhyperior (Pokemon X/Y)
Riolu (Pokemon X/Y)
Roggenrola (Pokemon X/Y)
Roselia (Pokemon X/Y)
Roserade (Pokemon X/Y)
Rotom (Pokemon X/Y)
Rotom-Fan (Pokemon X/Y)
Rotom-Frost (Pokemon X/Y)
Rotom-Heat (Pokemon X/Y)
Rotom-Mow (Pokemon X/Y)
Rotom-Wash (Pokemon X/Y)
Rufflet (Pokemon X/Y)
Sableye (Pokemon X/Y)
Sableye-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Salamence (Pokemon X/Y)
Salamence-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Samurott (Pokemon X/Y)
Sandile (Pokemon X/Y)
Sandshrew (Pokemon X/Y)
Sandslash (Pokemon X/Y)
Sawk (Pokemon X/Y)
Sawsbuck (Pokemon X/Y)
Scatterbug (Pokemon X/Y)
Sceptile (Pokemon X/Y)
Sceptile-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Scizor (Pokemon X/Y)
Scizor-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Scolipede (Pokemon X/Y)
Scrafty (Pokemon X/Y)
Scraggy (Pokemon X/Y)
Scyther (Pokemon X/Y)
Seadra (Pokemon X/Y)
Seaking (Pokemon X/Y)
Sealeo (Pokemon X/Y)
Seedot (Pokemon X/Y)
Seel (Pokemon X/Y)
Seismitoad (Pokemon X/Y)
Sentret (Pokemon X/Y)
Serperior (Pokemon X/Y)
Servine (Pokemon X/Y)
Seviper (Pokemon X/Y)
Sewaddle (Pokemon X/Y)
Sharpedo (Pokemon X/Y)
Sharpedo-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Shaymin (Pokemon X/Y)
Shaymin-Sky (Pokemon X/Y)
Shedinja (Pokemon X/Y)
Shelgon (Pokemon X/Y)
Shellder (Pokemon X/Y)
Shellos (Pokemon X/Y)
Shelmet (Pokemon X/Y)
Shieldon (Pokemon X/Y)
Shiftry (Pokemon X/Y)
Shinx (Pokemon X/Y)
Shroomish (Pokemon X/Y)
Shuckle (Pokemon X/Y)
Shuppet (Pokemon X/Y)
Sigilyph (Pokemon X/Y)
Silcoon (Pokemon X/Y)
Simipour (Pokemon X/Y)
Simisage (Pokemon X/Y)
Simisear (Pokemon X/Y)
Skarmory (Pokemon X/Y)
Skiddo (Pokemon X/Y)
Skiploom (Pokemon X/Y)
Skitty (Pokemon X/Y)
Skorupi (Pokemon X/Y)
Skrelp (Pokemon X/Y)
Skuntank (Pokemon X/Y)
Slaking (Pokemon X/Y)
Slakoth (Pokemon X/Y)
Sliggoo (Pokemon X/Y)
Slowbro (Pokemon X/Y)
Slowbro-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Slowking (Pokemon X/Y)
Slowpoke (Pokemon X/Y)
Slugma (Pokemon X/Y)
Slurpuff (Pokemon X/Y)
Smeargle (Pokemon X/Y)
Smoochum (Pokemon X/Y)
Sneasel (Pokemon X/Y)
Snivy (Pokemon X/Y)
Snorlax (Pokemon X/Y)
Snorunt (Pokemon X/Y)
Snover (Pokemon X/Y)
Snubbull (Pokemon X/Y)
Solosis (Pokemon X/Y)
Solrock (Pokemon X/Y)
Spearow (Pokemon X/Y)
Spewpa (Pokemon X/Y)
Spheal (Pokemon X/Y)
Spinarak (Pokemon X/Y)
Spinda (Pokemon X/Y)
Spiritomb (Pokemon X/Y)
Spoink (Pokemon X/Y)
Spritzee (Pokemon X/Y)
Squirtle (Pokemon X/Y)
Stantler (Pokemon X/Y)
Staraptor (Pokemon X/Y)
Staravia (Pokemon X/Y)
Starly (Pokemon X/Y)
Starmie (Pokemon X/Y)
Staryu (Pokemon X/Y)
Steelix (Pokemon X/Y)
Steelix-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Stoutland (Pokemon X/Y)
Stunfisk (Pokemon X/Y)
Stunky (Pokemon X/Y)
Sudowoodo (Pokemon X/Y)
Suicune (Pokemon X/Y)
Sunflora (Pokemon X/Y)
Sunkern (Pokemon X/Y)
Surskit (Pokemon X/Y)
Swablu (Pokemon X/Y)
Swadloon (Pokemon X/Y)
Swalot (Pokemon X/Y)
Swampert (Pokemon X/Y)
Swampert-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Swanna (Pokemon X/Y)
Swellow (Pokemon X/Y)
Swinub (Pokemon X/Y)
Swirlix (Pokemon X/Y)
Swoobat (Pokemon X/Y)
Sylveon (Pokemon X/Y)
Taillow (Pokemon X/Y)
Talonflame (Pokemon X/Y)
Tangela (Pokemon X/Y)
Tangrowth (Pokemon X/Y)
Tauros (Pokemon X/Y)
Teddiursa (Pokemon X/Y)
Tentacool (Pokemon X/Y)
Tentacruel (Pokemon X/Y)
Tepig (Pokemon X/Y)
Terrakion (Pokemon X/Y)
Throh (Pokemon X/Y)
Thundurus (Pokemon X/Y)
Thundurus-Therian (Pokemon X/Y)
Timburr (Pokemon X/Y)
Tirtouga (Pokemon X/Y)
Togekiss (Pokemon X/Y)
Togepi (Pokemon X/Y)
Togetic (Pokemon X/Y)
Torchic (Pokemon X/Y)
Torkoal (Pokemon X/Y)
Tornadus (Pokemon X/Y)
Tornadus-Therian (Pokemon X/Y)
Torterra (Pokemon X/Y)
Totodile (Pokemon X/Y)
Toxicroak (Pokemon X/Y)
Tranquill (Pokemon X/Y)
Trapinch (Pokemon X/Y)
Treecko (Pokemon X/Y)
Trevenant (Pokemon X/Y)
Tropius (Pokemon X/Y)
Trubbish (Pokemon X/Y)
Turtwig (Pokemon X/Y)
Tympole (Pokemon X/Y)
Tynamo (Pokemon X/Y)
Typhlosion (Pokemon X/Y)
Tyranitar (Pokemon X/Y)
Tyranitar-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Tyrantrum (Pokemon X/Y)
Tyrogue (Pokemon X/Y)
Tyrunt (Pokemon X/Y)
Umbreon (Pokemon X/Y)
Unfezant (Pokemon X/Y)
Unown (Pokemon X/Y)
Ursaring (Pokemon X/Y)
Uxie (Pokemon X/Y)
Vanillish (Pokemon X/Y)
Vanillite (Pokemon X/Y)
Vanilluxe (Pokemon X/Y)
Vaporeon (Pokemon X/Y)
Venipede (Pokemon X/Y)
Venomoth (Pokemon X/Y)
Venonat (Pokemon X/Y)
Venusaur (Pokemon X/Y)
Venusaur-Mega (Pokemon X/Y)
Vespiquen (Pokemon X/Y)
Vibrava (Pokemon X/Y)
Victini (Pokemon X/Y)
Victreebel (Pokemon X/Y)
Vigoroth (Pokemon X/Y)
Vileplume (Pokemon X/Y)
Virizion (Pokemon X/Y)
Vivillon (Pokemon X/Y)
Vivillon-Fancy (Pokemon X/Y)
Vivillon-Pokeball (Pokemon X/Y)
Volbeat (Pokemon X/Y)
Volcanion (Pokemon X/Y)
Volcarona (Pokemon X/Y)
Voltorb (Pokemon X/Y)
Vullaby (Pokemon X/Y)
Vulpix (Pokemon X/Y)
Wailmer (Pokemon X/Y)
Wailord (Pokemon X/Y)
Walrein (Pokemon X/Y)
Wartortle (Pokemon X/Y)
Watchog (Pokemon X/Y)
Weavile (Pokemon X/Y)
Weedle (Pokemon X/Y)
Weepinbell (Pokemon X/Y)
Weezing (Pokemon X/Y)
Whimsicott (Pokemon X/Y)
Whirlipede (Pokemon X/Y)
Whiscash (Pokemon X/Y)
Whismur (Pokemon X/Y)
Wigglytuff (Pokemon X/Y)
Wingull (Pokemon X/Y)
Wobbuffet (Pokemon X/Y)
Woobat (Pokemon X/Y)
Wooper (Pokemon X/Y)
Wormadam (Pokemon X/Y)
Wormadam-Sandy (Pokemon X/Y)
Wormadam-Trash (Pokemon X/Y)
Wurmple (Pokemon X/Y)
Wynaut (Pokemon X/Y)
Xatu (Pokemon X/Y)
Xerneas (Pokemon X/Y)
Yamask (Pokemon X/Y)
Yanma (Pokemon X/Y)
Yanmega (Pokemon X/Y)
Yveltal (Pokemon X/Y)
Zangoose (Pokemon X/Y)
Zapdos (Pokemon X/Y)
Zebstrika (Pokemon X/Y)
Zekrom (Pokemon X/Y)
Zigzagoon (Pokemon X/Y)
Zoroark (Pokemon X/Y)
Zorua (Pokemon X/Y)
Zubat (Pokemon X/Y)
Zweilous (Pokemon X/Y)
Zygarde (Pokemon X/Y)

List for Pokemon Sun/Moon (SM) - Generation 7
Abomasnow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Abomasnow-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Abra (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Absol (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Absol-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Accelgor (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aegislash (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aegislash-Blade (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aerodactyl (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aerodactyl-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aggron (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aggron-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aipom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Alakazam (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Alakazam-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Alomomola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Altaria (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Altaria-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Amaura (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ambipom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Amoonguss (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ampharos (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ampharos-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Anorith (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Araquanid (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Araquanid-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arbok (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arcanine (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Bug (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Dark (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Dragon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Electric (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Fairy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Fighting (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Fire (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Flying (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Ghost (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Grass (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Ground (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Ice (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Poison (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Psychic (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Rock (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Steel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Arceus-Water (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Archen (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Archeops (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ariados (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Armaldo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aromatisse (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aron (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Articuno (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Audino (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Audino-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Aurorus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Avalugg (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Axew (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Azelf (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Azumarill (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Azurill (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bagon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Baltoy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Banette (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Banette-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Barbaracle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Barboach (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Basculin (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Basculin-Blue-Striped (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bastiodon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bayleef (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Beartic (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Beautifly (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Beedrill (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Beedrill-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Beheeyem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Beldum (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bellossom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bellsprout (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bergmite (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bewear (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bibarel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bidoof (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Binacle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bisharp (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Blacephalon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Blastoise (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Blastoise-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Blaziken (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Blaziken-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Blissey (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Blitzle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Boldore (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bonsly (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bouffalant (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bounsweet (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Braixen (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Braviary (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Breloom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Brionne (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bronzong (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bronzor (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bruxish (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Budew (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Buizel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bulbasaur (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Buneary (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Bunnelby (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Burmy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Butterfree (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Buzzwole (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cacnea (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cacturne (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Camerupt (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Camerupt-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Carbink (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Carnivine (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Carracosta (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Carvanha (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cascoon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Castform (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Castform-Rainy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Castform-Snowy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Castform-Sunny (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Caterpie (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Celebi (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Celesteela (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chandelure (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chansey (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Charizard (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Charizard-Mega-X (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Charizard-Mega-Y (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Charjabug (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Charmander (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Charmeleon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chatot (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cherrim (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cherrim-Sunshine (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cherubi (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chesnaught (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chespin (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chikorita (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chimchar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chimecho (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chinchou (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Chingling (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cinccino (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Clamperl (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Clauncher (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Clawitzer (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Claydol (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Clefable (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Clefairy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cleffa (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cloyster (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cobalion (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cofagrigus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Combee (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Combusken (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Comfey (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Conkeldurr (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Corphish (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Corsola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cosmoem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cosmog (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cottonee (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Crabominable (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Crabrawler (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cradily (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cranidos (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Crawdaunt (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cresselia (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Croagunk (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Crobat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Croconaw (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Crustle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cryogonal (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cubchoo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cubone (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cutiefly (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Cyndaquil (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Darkrai (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Darmanitan (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Darmanitan-Zen (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dartrix (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Darumaka (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Decidueye (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dedenne (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Deerling (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Deino (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Delcatty (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Delibird (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Delphox (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Deoxys (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Deoxys-Attack (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Deoxys-Defense (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Deoxys-Speed (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dewgong (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dewott (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dewpider (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dhelmise (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dialga (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Diancie (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Diancie-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Diggersby (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Diglett (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Diglett-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ditto (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dodrio (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Doduo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Donphan (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Doublade (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dragalge (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dragonair (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dragonite (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Drampa (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Drapion (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dratini (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Drifblim (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Drifloon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Drilbur (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Drowzee (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Druddigon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ducklett (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dugtrio (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dugtrio-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dunsparce (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Duosion (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Durant (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dusclops (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dusknoir (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Duskull (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dustox (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Dwebble (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Eelektrik (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Eelektross (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Eevee (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Eevee-Starter (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ekans (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Electabuzz (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Electivire (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Electrike (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Electrode (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Elekid (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Elgyem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Emboar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Emolga (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Empoleon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Entei (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Escavalier (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Espeon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Espurr (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Excadrill (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Exeggcute (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Exeggutor (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Exeggutor-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Exploud (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Farfetchd (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Fearow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Feebas (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Fennekin (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Feraligatr (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ferroseed (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ferrothorn (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Finneon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Flaaffy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Flabebe (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Flareon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Fletchinder (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Fletchling (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Floatzel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Floette (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Florges (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Flygon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Fomantis (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Foongus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Forretress (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Fraxure (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Frillish (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Froakie (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Frogadier (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Froslass (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Furfrou (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Furret (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gabite (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gallade (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gallade-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Galvantula (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Garbodor (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Garchomp (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Garchomp-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gardevoir (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gardevoir-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gastly (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gastrodon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Genesect (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Genesect-Burn (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Genesect-Chill (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Genesect-Douse (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Genesect-Shock (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gengar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gengar-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Geodude (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Geodude-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gible (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gigalith (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Girafarig (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Giratina (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Giratina-Origin (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Glaceon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Glalie (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Glalie-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Glameow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gligar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gliscor (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gloom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gogoat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Golbat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Goldeen (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Golduck (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Golem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Golem-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Golett (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Golisopod (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Golurk (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Goodra (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Goomy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gorebyss (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gothita (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gothitelle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gothorita (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gourgeist (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gourgeist-Large (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gourgeist-Small (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gourgeist-Super (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Granbull (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Graveler (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Graveler-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Greninja (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Greninja-Ash (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Grimer (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Grimer-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Grotle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Groudon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Groudon-Primal (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Grovyle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Growlithe (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Grubbin (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Grumpig (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gulpin (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gumshoos (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gumshoos-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gurdurr (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Guzzlord (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gyarados (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Gyarados-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hakamo-o (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Happiny (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hariyama (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Haunter (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hawlucha (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Haxorus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Heatmor (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Heatran (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Heliolisk (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Helioptile (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Heracross (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Heracross-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Herdier (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hippopotas (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hippowdon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hitmonchan (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hitmonlee (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hitmontop (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ho-Oh (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Honchkrow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Honedge (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hoopa (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hoopa-Unbound (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hoothoot (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hoppip (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Horsea (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Houndoom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Houndoom-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Houndour (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Huntail (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hydreigon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Hypno (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Igglybuff (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Illumise (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Incineroar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Infernape (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Inkay (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ivysaur (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Jangmo-o (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Jellicent (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Jirachi (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Jolteon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Joltik (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Jumpluff (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Jynx (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kabuto (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kabutops (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kadabra (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kakuna (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kangaskhan (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kangaskhan-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Karrablast (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kartana (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kecleon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Keldeo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Keldeo-Resolute (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kingdra (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kingler (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kirlia (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Klang (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Klefki (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Klink (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Klinklang (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Koffing (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Komala (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kommo-o (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kommo-o-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Krabby (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kricketot (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kricketune (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Krokorok (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Krookodile (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kyogre (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kyogre-Primal (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kyurem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kyurem-Black (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Kyurem-White (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lairon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lampent (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Landorus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Landorus-Therian (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lanturn (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lapras (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Larvesta (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Larvitar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Latias (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Latias-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Latios (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Latios-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Leafeon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Leavanny (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ledian (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ledyba (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lickilicky (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lickitung (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Liepard (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lileep (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lilligant (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lillipup (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Linoone (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Litleo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Litten (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Litwick (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lombre (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lopunny (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lopunny-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lotad (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Loudred (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lucario (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lucario-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ludicolo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lugia (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lumineon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lunala (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lunatone (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lurantis (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lurantis-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Luvdisc (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Luxio (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Luxray (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lycanroc (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lycanroc-Dusk (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Lycanroc-Midnight (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Machamp (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Machoke (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Machop (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Magby (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Magcargo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Magearna (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Magikarp (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Magmar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Magmortar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Magnemite (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Magneton (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Magnezone (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Makuhita (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Malamar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mamoswine (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Manaphy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mandibuzz (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Manectric (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Manectric-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mankey (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mantine (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mantyke (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Maractus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mareanie (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mareep (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Marill (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Marowak (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Marowak-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Marowak-Alola-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Marshadow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Marshtomp (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Masquerain (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mawile (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mawile-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Medicham (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Medicham-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Meditite (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Meganium (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Melmetal (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Meloetta (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Meloetta-Pirouette (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Meltan (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Meowstic-F (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Meowstic-M (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Meowth (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Meowth-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mesprit (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Metagross (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Metagross-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Metang (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Metapod (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mew (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mewtwo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mewtwo-Mega-X (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mewtwo-Mega-Y (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mienfoo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mienshao (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mightyena (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Milotic (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Miltank (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mime Jr. (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mimikyu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mimikyu-Busted (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mimikyu-Busted-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mimikyu-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Minccino (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Minior (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Minior-Meteor (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Minun (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Misdreavus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mismagius (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Moltres (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Monferno (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Morelull (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mothim (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mr. Mime (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mudbray (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mudkip (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Mudsdale (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Muk (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Muk-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Munchlax (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Munna (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Murkrow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Musharna (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Naganadel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Natu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Necrozma (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Necrozma-Dawn Wings (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Necrozma-Dusk Mane (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Necrozma-Ultra (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nidoking (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nidoqueen (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nidoran-F (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nidoran-M (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nidorina (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nidorino (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nihilego (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nincada (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ninetales (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ninetales-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ninjask (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Noctowl (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Noibat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Noivern (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nosepass (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Numel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Nuzleaf (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Octillery (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Oddish (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Omanyte (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Omastar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Onix (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Oranguru (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Oricorio (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Oricorio-Pa'u (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Oricorio-Pom-Pom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Oricorio-Sensu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Oshawott (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pachirisu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Palkia (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Palossand (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Palpitoad (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pancham (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pangoro (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Panpour (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pansage (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pansear (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Paras (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Parasect (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Passimian (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Patrat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pawniard (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pelipper (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Persian (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Persian-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Petilil (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Phanpy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Phantump (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pheromosa (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Phione (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pichu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pidgeot (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pidgeot-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pidgeotto (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pidgey (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pidove (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pignite (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikachu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikachu-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikachu-Hoenn (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikachu-Kalos (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikachu-Original (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikachu-Partner (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikachu-Sinnoh (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikachu-Starter (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikachu-Unova (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pikipek (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Piloswine (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pineco (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pinsir (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pinsir-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Piplup (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Plusle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Poipole (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Politoed (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Poliwag (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Poliwhirl (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Poliwrath (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ponyta (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Poochyena (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Popplio (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Porygon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Porygon-Z (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Porygon2 (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Primarina (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Primeape (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Prinplup (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Probopass (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Psyduck (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pumpkaboo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pumpkaboo-Large (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pumpkaboo-Small (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pumpkaboo-Super (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pupitar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Purrloin (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Purugly (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pyroar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Pyukumuku (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Quagsire (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Quilava (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Quilladin (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Qwilfish (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Raichu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Raichu-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Raikou (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ralts (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rampardos (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rapidash (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Raticate (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Raticate-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Raticate-Alola-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rattata (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rattata-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rayquaza (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rayquaza-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Regice (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Regigigas (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Regirock (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Registeel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Relicanth (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Remoraid (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Reshiram (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Reuniclus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rhydon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rhyhorn (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rhyperior (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ribombee (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ribombee-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Riolu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rockruff (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Roggenrola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Roselia (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Roserade (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rotom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rotom-Fan (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rotom-Frost (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rotom-Heat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rotom-Mow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rotom-Wash (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rowlet (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Rufflet (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sableye (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sableye-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Salamence (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Salamence-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Salandit (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Salazzle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Salazzle-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Samurott (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sandile (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sandshrew (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sandshrew-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sandslash (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sandslash-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sandygast (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sawk (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sawsbuck (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Scatterbug (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sceptile (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sceptile-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Scizor (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Scizor-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Scolipede (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Scrafty (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Scraggy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Scyther (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Seadra (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Seaking (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sealeo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Seedot (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Seel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Seismitoad (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sentret (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Serperior (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Servine (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Seviper (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sewaddle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sharpedo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sharpedo-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shaymin (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shaymin-Sky (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shedinja (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shelgon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shellder (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shellos (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shelmet (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shieldon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shiftry (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shiinotic (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shinx (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shroomish (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shuckle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Shuppet (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sigilyph (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silcoon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Bug (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Dark (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Dragon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Electric (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Fairy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Fighting (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Fire (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Flying (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Ghost (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Grass (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Ground (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Ice (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Poison (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Psychic (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Rock (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Steel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Silvally-Water (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Simipour (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Simisage (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Simisear (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Skarmory (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Skiddo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Skiploom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Skitty (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Skorupi (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Skrelp (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Skuntank (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Slaking (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Slakoth (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sliggoo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Slowbro (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Slowbro-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Slowking (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Slowpoke (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Slugma (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Slurpuff (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Smeargle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Smoochum (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sneasel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Snivy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Snorlax (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Snorunt (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Snover (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Snubbull (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Solgaleo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Solosis (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Solrock (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Spearow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Spewpa (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Spheal (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Spinarak (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Spinda (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Spiritomb (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Spoink (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Spritzee (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Squirtle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Stakataka (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Stantler (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Staraptor (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Staravia (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Starly (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Starmie (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Staryu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Steelix (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Steelix-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Steenee (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Stoutland (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Stufful (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Stunfisk (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Stunky (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sudowoodo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Suicune (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sunflora (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sunkern (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Surskit (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swablu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swadloon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swalot (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swampert (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swampert-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swanna (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swellow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swinub (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swirlix (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Swoobat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Sylveon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Taillow (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Talonflame (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tangela (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tangrowth (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tapu Bulu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tapu Fini (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tapu Koko (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tapu Lele (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tauros (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Teddiursa (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tentacool (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tentacruel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tepig (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Terrakion (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Throh (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Thundurus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Thundurus-Therian (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Timburr (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tirtouga (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Togedemaru (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Togedemaru-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Togekiss (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Togepi (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Togetic (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Torchic (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Torkoal (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tornadus (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tornadus-Therian (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Torracat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Torterra (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Totodile (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Toucannon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Toxapex (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Toxicroak (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tranquill (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Trapinch (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Treecko (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Trevenant (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tropius (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Trubbish (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Trumbeak (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tsareena (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Turtonator (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Turtwig (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tympole (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tynamo (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Type: Null (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Typhlosion (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tyranitar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tyranitar-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tyrantrum (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tyrogue (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Tyrunt (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Umbreon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Unfezant (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Unown (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Ursaring (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Uxie (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vanillish (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vanillite (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vanilluxe (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vaporeon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Venipede (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Venomoth (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Venonat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Venusaur (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Venusaur-Mega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vespiquen (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vibrava (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Victini (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Victreebel (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vigoroth (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vikavolt (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vikavolt-Totem (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vileplume (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Virizion (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vivillon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vivillon-Fancy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vivillon-Pokeball (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Volbeat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Volcanion (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Volcarona (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Voltorb (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vullaby (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vulpix (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Vulpix-Alola (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wailmer (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wailord (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Walrein (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wartortle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Watchog (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Weavile (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Weedle (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Weepinbell (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Weezing (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Whimsicott (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Whirlipede (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Whiscash (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Whismur (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wigglytuff (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wimpod (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wingull (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wishiwashi (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wishiwashi-School (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wobbuffet (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Woobat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wooper (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wormadam (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wormadam-Sandy (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wormadam-Trash (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wurmple (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Wynaut (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Xatu (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Xerneas (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Xurkitree (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Yamask (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Yanma (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Yanmega (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Yungoos (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Yveltal (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zangoose (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zapdos (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zebstrika (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zekrom (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zeraora (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zigzagoon (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zoroark (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zorua (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zubat (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zweilous (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zygarde (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zygarde-10% (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
Zygarde-Complete (Pokemon Sun/Moon)

List for Pokemon Sword/Shield (SS) - Generation 8
Abomasnow (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Abra (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Accelgor (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Aegislash (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Aegislash-Blade (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Alakazam (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Alcremie (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Alcremie-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Amoonguss (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Appletun (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Appletun-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Applin (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Araquanid (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Arcanine (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Arctovish (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Arctozolt (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Aromatisse (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Arrokuda (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Avalugg (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Axew (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Azumarill (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Azurill (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Baltoy (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Barbaracle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Barboach (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Barraskewda (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Basculin (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Basculin-Blue-Striped (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Beartic (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Beheeyem (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bellossom (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bergmite (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bewear (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Binacle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bisharp (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Blastoise (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Blastoise-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Blipbug (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Blissey (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Boldore (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Boltund (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bonsly (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bouffalant (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bounsweet (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Braviary (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Brionne (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bronzong (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bronzor (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Budew (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bulbasaur (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Buneary (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Bunnelby (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Butterfree (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Butterfree-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Carkol (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Carvanha (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Caterpie (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Celebi (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Centiskorch (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Centiskorch-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Chandelure (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Chansey (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Charizard (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Charizard-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Charjabug (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Charmander (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Charmeleon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cherrim (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cherrim-Sunshine (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cherubi (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Chewtle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Chinchou (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cinccino (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cinderace (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cinderace-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Clauncher (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Clawitzer (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Claydol (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Clefable (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Clefairy (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cleffa (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Clobbopus (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cloyster (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Coalossal (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Coalossal-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cobalion (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cofagrigus (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Combee (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Comfey (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Conkeldurr (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Copperajah (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Copperajah-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Corphish (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Corsola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Corsola-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Corviknight (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Corviknight-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Corvisquire (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cosmoem (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cosmog (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cottonee (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cramorant (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cramorant-Gorging (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cramorant-Gulping (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Crawdaunt (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Croagunk (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Crustle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cubchoo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cubone (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cufant (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cursola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Cutiefly (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Darmanitan (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Darmanitan-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Darmanitan-Galar-Zen (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Darmanitan-Zen (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dartrix (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Darumaka (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Darumaka-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Decidueye (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dedenne (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Deino (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Delibird (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dewpider (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dhelmise (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Diggersby (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Diglett (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Diglett-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ditto (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dottler (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Doublade (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dracovish (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dracozolt (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dragalge (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dragapult (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Drakloak (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Drampa (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Drapion (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Drednaw (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Drednaw-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dreepy (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Drifblim (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Drifloon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Drilbur (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Drizzile (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Druddigon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dubwool (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dugtrio (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dugtrio-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dunsparce (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Duosion (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Duraludon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Duraludon-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Durant (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dusclops (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dusknoir (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Duskull (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Dwebble (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Eevee (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Eevee-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Eiscue (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Eiscue-Noice (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Eldegoss (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Electrike (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Elgyem (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Emolga (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Escavalier (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Espeon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Espurr (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Eternatus (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Excadrill (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Exeggcute (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Exeggutor (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Exeggutor-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Exploud (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Falinks (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Farfetch'd (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Farfetch'd-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Feebas (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ferroseed (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ferrothorn (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Flapple (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Flapple-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Flareon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Fletchinder (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Fletchling (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Flygon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Fomantis (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Foongus (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Fraxure (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Frillish (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Froslass (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Frosmoth (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gallade (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Galvantula (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Garbodor (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Garbodor-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gardevoir (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gastly (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gastrodon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gengar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gengar-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gigalith (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Glaceon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Glalie (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gloom (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Goldeen (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Golduck (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Golett (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Golisopod (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Golurk (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Goodra (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Goomy (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gossifleur (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gothita (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gothitelle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gothorita (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gourgeist (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gourgeist-Large (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gourgeist-Small (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gourgeist-Super (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Grapploct (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Greedent (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Grimmsnarl (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Grimmsnarl-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Grookey (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Growlithe (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Grubbin (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gurdurr (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Gyarados (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hakamo-o (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Happiny (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hatenna (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hatterene (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hatterene-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hattrem (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Haunter (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hawlucha (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Haxorus (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Heatmor (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Heliolisk (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Helioptile (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Heracross (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Herdier (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hippopotas (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hippowdon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hitmonchan (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hitmonlee (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hitmontop (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Honedge (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hoothoot (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Horsea (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Hydreigon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Igglybuff (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Impidimp (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Incineroar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Indeedee (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Indeedee-F (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Inkay (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Inteleon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Inteleon-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ivysaur (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Jangmo-o (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Jellicent (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Jirachi (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Jolteon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Joltik (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kadabra (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kangaskhan (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Karrablast (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Keldeo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Keldeo-Resolute (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kingdra (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kingler (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kingler-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kirlia (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Klang (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Klefki (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Klink (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Klinklang (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Koffing (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kommo-o (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Krabby (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Krokorok (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Krookodile (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kubfu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kyurem (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kyurem-Black (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Kyurem-White (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lampent (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lanturn (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lapras (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lapras-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Larvesta (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Larvitar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Leafeon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lickilicky (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lickitung (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Liepard (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lilligant (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lillipup (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Linoone (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Linoone-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Litten (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Litwick (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lombre (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lopunny (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lotad (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Loudred (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lucario (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ludicolo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lunala (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lunatone (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lurantis (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Luxio (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Luxray (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lycanroc (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lycanroc-Dusk (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Lycanroc-Midnight (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Machamp (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Machamp-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Machoke (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Machop (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Magearna (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Magearna-Original (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Magikarp (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Magnemite (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Magneton (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Magnezone (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Malamar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mamoswine (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mandibuzz (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Manectric (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mantine (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mantyke (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Maractus (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mareanie (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Marill (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Marowak (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Marowak-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Marshadow (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mawile (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Melmetal (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Meltan (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Meowstic-F (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Meowstic-M (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Meowth (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Meowth-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Meowth-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Meowth-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Metapod (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mew (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mewtwo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mienfoo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mienshao (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Milcery (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Milotic (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Miltank (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mime Jr. (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mimikyu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mimikyu-Busted (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Minccino (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Morelull (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Morgrem (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Morpeko (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Morpeko-Hangry (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mr. Mime (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mr. Mime-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mr. Rime (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mudbray (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Mudsdale (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Munchlax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Munna (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Musharna (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Natu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Necrozma (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Necrozma-Dawn Wings (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Necrozma-Dusk Mane (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Nickit (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Nincada (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ninetales (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ninetales-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ninjask (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Noctowl (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Noibat (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Noivern (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Nuzleaf (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Obstagoon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Octillery (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Oddish (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Onix (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Oranguru (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Orbeetle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Orbeetle-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Palossand (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Palpitoad (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pancham (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pangoro (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Passimian (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pawniard (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pelipper (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Perrserker (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Persian (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Persian-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Petilil (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Phantump (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pichu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pidove (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pikachu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pikachu-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pikachu-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pikachu-Hoenn (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pikachu-Kalos (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pikachu-Original (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pikachu-Partner (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pikachu-Sinnoh (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pikachu-Unova (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Piloswine (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pincurchin (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pinsir (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Politoed (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Poliwag (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Poliwhirl (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Poliwrath (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Polteageist (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Polteageist-Antique (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ponyta (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ponyta-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Popplio (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Porygon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Porygon-Z (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Porygon2 (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Primarina (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Psyduck (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pumpkaboo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pumpkaboo-Large (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pumpkaboo-Small (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pumpkaboo-Super (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pupitar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Purrloin (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Pyukumuku (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Quagsire (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Qwilfish (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Raboot (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Raichu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Raichu-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ralts (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rapidash (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rapidash-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Remoraid (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Reshiram (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Reuniclus (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rhydon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rhyhorn (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rhyperior (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Ribombee (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rillaboom (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rillaboom-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Riolu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rockruff (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Roggenrola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rolycoly (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rookidee (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Roselia (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Roserade (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rotom (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rotom-Fan (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rotom-Frost (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rotom-Heat (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rotom-Mow (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rotom-Wash (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rowlet (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Rufflet (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Runerigus (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sableye (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Salandit (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Salazzle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sandaconda (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sandaconda-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sandile (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sandshrew (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sandshrew-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sandslash (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sandslash-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sandygast (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sawk (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Scizor (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Scolipede (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Scorbunny (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Scrafty (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Scraggy (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Scyther (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Seadra (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Seaking (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Seedot (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Seismitoad (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sharpedo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Shedinja (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Shellder (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Shellos (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Shelmet (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Shiftry (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Shiinotic (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Shinx (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Shuckle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sigilyph (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silicobra (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Bug (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Dark (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Dragon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Electric (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Fairy (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Fighting (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Fire (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Flying (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Ghost (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Grass (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Ground (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Ice (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Poison (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Psychic (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Rock (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Steel (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Silvally-Water (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sinistea (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sinistea-Antique (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sirfetch'd (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sizzlipede (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Skarmory (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Skorupi (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Skrelp (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Skuntank (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Skwovet (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sliggoo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Slowbro (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Slowbro-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Slowking (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Slowpoke (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Slowpoke-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Slurpuff (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sneasel (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Snom (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Snorlax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Snorlax-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Snorunt (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Snover (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sobble (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Solgaleo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Solosis (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Solrock (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Spritzee (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Squirtle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Starmie (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Staryu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Steelix (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Steenee (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Stonjourner (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Stoutland (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Stufful (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Stunfisk (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Stunfisk-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Stunky (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sudowoodo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Swinub (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Swirlix (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Swoobat (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Sylveon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Talonflame (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tangela (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tangrowth (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tauros (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tentacool (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tentacruel (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Terrakion (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Thievul (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Throh (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Thwackey (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Timburr (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Togedemaru (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Togekiss (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Togepi (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Togetic (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Torkoal (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Torracat (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Toxapex (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Toxel (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Toxicroak (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Toxtricity (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Toxtricity-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Toxtricity-Low-Key (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Toxtricity-Low-Key-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tranquill (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Trapinch (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Trevenant (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Trubbish (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tsareena (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Turtonator (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tympole (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Type: Null (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tyranitar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Tyrogue (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Umbreon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Unfezant (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Urshifu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Urshifu-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Urshifu-Rapid-Strike (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Urshifu-Rapid-Strike-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vanillish (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vanillite (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vanilluxe (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vaporeon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Venipede (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Venusaur (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Venusaur-Gmax (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vespiquen (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vibrava (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vikavolt (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vileplume (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Virizion (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Volcarona (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vullaby (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vulpix (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Vulpix-Alola (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wailmer (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wailord (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wartortle (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Weavile (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Weezing (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Weezing-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Whimsicott (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Whirlipede (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Whiscash (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Whismur (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wigglytuff (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wimpod (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wingull (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wishiwashi (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wishiwashi-School (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wobbuffet (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Woobat (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wooloo (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wooper (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Wynaut (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Xatu (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Yamask (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Yamask-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Yamper (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zacian (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zacian-Crowned (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zamazenta (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zamazenta-Crowned (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zekrom (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zeraora (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zigzagoon (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zigzagoon-Galar (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zoroark (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zorua (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Zweilous (Pokemon Sword/Shield)